Camping for idiots!... Part 1

View from our tent retreat in Snowdonia.
View from our tent retreat in Snowdonia.

Camping!...with the kids!

Lets face it, if your just about to enter the world of camping for the first time, it can feel a little daunting to say the least! The thought of a camping holiday, especially with kids on board can bring most people out in a cold Sweat! But the truth of the manner is, camping could be the best holiday experience you ever have for a very reasonable outlay. Drawing on my own camping experiences over the years from novice (Idiot!), to simply someone who has finally got the knack of It! hopefully, my experiences will guide you through to getting the most out of camping without the sweat!!

Why Camping?

Camping is very much an institution, it seems to appeal to a broad range of people from all walks of life. Camping also seems to have no class barrier, and the majority of people that camp are generally very friendly and inviting. You can be completely relaxed about what you wear and your appearance! (Especially first thing in the Morning!) It is relatively stress free, with the exception of putting your tent up for the first time, and to make matters worse, in the pouring rain! but this is a minor detail, which is outweighted by the many pluses.

Funding a holiday for most people always seems to be the major headache. Especially if your going abroad as a family. This can run into thousands of pounds, and before you know it, your budget is at breaking point before you even step on to the plane!!!

A Camping holiday however, can be done on a very modest outlay. Once you have taken the plunge to buy a tent that suits your needs, and gathered all the camping equipment and neccessities for the trip. The only real outlay after that is the camp site fees, spending money,and petrol costs to your destination. That`s pretty much it!

Starting Out

The first time that me and the family went camping three years ago, We were looking for a cheap alternative to a holiday abroad, and at the time, money was tight, so going abroad was off the agenda. We had been camping some years before as a couple, and had enjoyed it. But embarking on a camping holiday with kids was a whole new ball game, of which we were about to find out.

When me and the wife started camping some years back in snowdonia,(1991 to be precise) we had a very basic, small two man tent, with just essential equipment, like.... camping stove, sleeping bags,wash bag...camping stove! that was it, there wasn`t any need for anything else. We only really used the stove for making tea in the morning, because the thought of cooking a full english breakfast on one stove seem like a mountainous task that frankly, we couldn`t bothered with. We had no kids at the time, money was no object, So we considered it easer and hassle free to eat out. Needless to say, camping then was a very straight forward affair.

Fast forward to 2007, and we are about to venture into the unknown, and camp with my two girls in tow, Charlotte 3 years and Alicia 6. (At the time). Having not camped for some years, we had very little equipment and no tent. So we were pretty much back to the novice stage! We resorted to borrowing a tent from some friends, It was a pretty basic standard sized 6 maner one room tent with a small porch area to the front. We then booked 5 days in May at our favorite haunt in the snowdonian mountains. We managed to scrape together bits of camping equipment from here and there. We packed the car, and off we went! The kids were very excited about it, as this for them was a big adventure of which they didn`t know what to expect........neither did we!!

To be continued.

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