Can Torres and Ba work together?

Can Torres and Ba work?

.Once again against Brentford we had a familiar Fernando Torres performance, largely ineffectual and failing to show for the midfielders. However, even his fiercest critics couldn't blame him for an ineffectual first half performance, when an energetic Brentford team, snubbed out our efforts and effectively cut off the supply line to Nando.

The one thing that surprised me was how ell he linked up with Ba, albeit for the last 10 minutes, Demba won possession for the equaliser and the space Ba created allowed Torres to run ahead of him and curl a lovely equaliser into the net. The important thing to note here is that Torres was actually ahead of Ba and was prepared to get into a decent scoring area, a thing he has often neglected to do during his Chelsea career.

The common concensus has been that Chelsea and Torres in particular cannot play a 4-4-2 but maybe this could be Chelsea's moment of clarity. Ba is not yet Drogba, you get the impression from his latest comments that he is still in awe of Torres, yet although Brentford are by no means the litmus test, it's interesting to note that there was a fledgling understanding between the two frontmen. The partnership looks to show more promise away from home when the bus isn't parked and a more adventurios approach can be adopted and it could be given a chance to develop.

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