How To Choose A Canvas Tent That Fits Your Needs

With the economy constantly fluctuating, a vacation can be an expensive proposition, even in the best of times. A camping trip is a fun and economical way to enjoy a vacation without breaking the budget. To maximize your savings, while minimizing the impact on the environment, there’s no better way to go than canvas camp tents.

If you’re new to the idea of camping in canvas wall tents, the myriad sizes and styles can be overwhelming. Many outdoor canvas tents are available at major discount retailers and department stores; but your questions can be better answered by a camping outfitter. Not only will you find canvas tents for sale here, but there will probably be several models set up for display. You can actually stretch out in one and get a better idea as to the proper size you need for your family. This is important because, while the manufacturer may claim that a particular size “sleeps 6 people”, you will not see the word “comfortably” on the package.

A sporting goods store also has the advantage of employing knowledgeable professionals who can answer all of your questions. And if this is your first canvas camping tent, there will be questions.

The first thing you need to consider is how much you want to spend. The prices range from around twenty to thirty dollars for a small pup canvas tent, to well over a thousand for a top of the line Trek canvas tent. You can get a general idea of what’s available by leafing through your weekly sale ads before you actually go shopping.

Size matters. Canvas tents come in many sizes, from small two person tents up to elaborate multi-roomed canvas family tents. While it’s important to see a tent to fully appreciate the size, there is more to consider than how many people it sleeps. You should keep in mind that the larger the tent, the more it weighs. If you have to hike to your camp site, it might be wise to opt for several smaller canvas camping tents, as opposed to large canvas tents. If your family members think they will feel cramped in a smaller tent, you may also find a larger one with panels that come apart for easy transport. Either way, the hike to your campsite will be much more enjoyable with the weight divided among several people.

Ease of assembly is a big factor for some. Take note of the number of parts to be assembled and your ability to accomplish it under difficult circumstances. A thunderstorm will not wait for you to finish putting up your tent!

You might also take a look at canvas tarp tents. Their high screen walls make them ideal for bug-free outdoor dining. There are numerous other ways to enhance your outings, and as you gain experience you will come up with plenty of ideas on your own. The important thing is to get out and get camping!

Living a Sheltered Life?

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