Carp Fishing in Spring Tips and Secrets

Fishing in Spring

Fishing in Spring time is a real favourite for me and also many other anglers. Probably because us fisherman have waited all winter for the weather to warm up a little bit and for the fish to become more active again. Winter definately seems to go on longer when you are a fisherman. Although some of us fish through the winter months it can be quite tiring and exctremely difficult when it comes to catching. This is because the fish become far less active in the winter, and you have to literally drop a bait on their nose before they will be interested. Therefore in winter time it is well known that you should use smaller baits and something a little more smelly and more spicy than normal. One thing that many carp anglers do not realise is that this rule of thumb also applies in the earlier spring months. The Carp wake up at different times on all lakes, and also feed at different times. The problem is usually getting them to wake up in the first place! Therefore an extra unusual bait, with a few addatives can usually do the trick. You should try some of the baits listed below, you should see a significant improvement in your catch rate.

Now you have the baits in mind, it's time to start thinking about your tactics. If you have been fishing through the winter then I would hope to find that you have been using lighter tackle, and therefore have lighter line on your reels! keep this in mind that your set up should be treated the same in which the months fall. In the winter you should use light line e.g. 5lb and in summer it can be up to 15lb in the UK. Therefore you should try to find a happy balance when it comes to winter and autumn. 8 - 10lb line will give you the best chances of catching carp.

The fish are likely to still be on the bottom at this time of year so it's best to fish the bottom. However if you do see a fish or 2 moving along the top of the water then you should try surface fishing - but speaking in general you are better off fishing the bottom during spring.

Remember to be quieter than ever during spring. The lakes will have been quiet during the winter and therefore the fish will notice any extreme noise that starts to happen more so than they generally would in he summer months. You may think that this forward thinking is a little extreme but if you want to catchfish then this is something you should always bare in mind - but especially during spring!

Watch out for breeding around April and May time. Most species of fish breed in the spring. Although the common myth is that this is not a good time for fishing, you might actually find that it can be the most prolific. The carp are extremely active - more so than any other months of the year, and you will noticeably be able to see this. This is great because it gives you an indication of where the fish are, and also means that they will need to keep feeding to keep their energy levels up. Light tackle is always preferred because you do not want to spook the fish but you do always have a very good opportunity when spawning is taking place. Spawning will usually take place in any feature areas. For example some reeds, overhanging trees and bushes, and most usually in the margins. You might therefore be wasting your time if you decide to fish a rod into the middle of a lake when this is taking place.

Natural food sources are beginning to enter the water more at this time of year also. Therefore lots of small foods such as worms, and flys will be a good feeding bait for the fish. Maggots and worms do especially well at this time of year, along with sweetcorn and luncheon meat. Just remember to keep than that little bit special and add a spice of your own.

The weather can be very up and down in regards to temperature through the spring. Therefore it is always a good idea to keep your eye on the weather and find the warmest days that spring has to offer. Usually a warm wind will get the fish going like mad in these months, as it help to warm the water up quickly and thouroughly. If you can find the right day with the right weather, then you are most definately in for a real treat.

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cjmo75 profile image

cjmo75 6 years ago from Tempe, Arizona

I live in Arizona, and it's a great place to catch carp. I've seen schools of 6-8 big grass carp in the water but so far haven't caught one. Thanks for the great info!

dale pask 6 years ago

i have caught the biggest grass carp i have ever seeen your momma :D xx

brandon ray hill  6 years ago

i think i am one of the best fishers in the world but i am not i just think i am im shit really i would like some help please on how to fish proply and that dale pask has one of the biggest sqaure heads

George 6 years ago

yes I agree totally with what your saying,smelly baits are the best all year round

PADDYBOY60 profile image

PADDYBOY60 5 years ago from Centreville Michigan

This is a great sport! Catching a big carp with rod and reel is awesome. It is just as much fun as catching Salmon only without the good eats. I have caught them on various baits. When I was a kid, we stood on a dam apron, and just balled up moss and put it on a bare hook. When you felt the line move, you set the hook.

John Sarkis profile image

John Sarkis 5 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

Great hub. I go to Laughlin, NV from time to time to hang out and I see large carps coming to shore all of the times. Most hotels in Laughlin are adjacent to shore, and ducks and carps hang out close to shore most of the day, it's interesting to watch them. I've often thought of doing some fishing while I'm out there...maybe one of these days.... - catch and release because I can't see anyone eating carp, although an old Mexican friend of mine once told me they were considered to be a delicacy for soup where he was from. Mexican refer to soup as "caldo."

Take care


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