Fishing France for 60lb Carp

Why do people go fishing for carp in france?

France has lots and lots of beautiful countryside which is full to the max with fantastic fishing lakes and huge fish. France is fished primarily for carp, but is also fished for cat fish as well.

The lakes in france hold fish far bigger than those in the UK. There are some lakes in the UK that do hold very big carp but even still they are usually imported from france in the first place.

I fished france last year for the first time. We had a lake to ourselves for the week, and we did "drive and survive". This meant we stayed outside the whole time and camped out. This may not be everyones idea of a holiday but we certainly had a great time and caught some excellent fish.

France offers lakes with private cabins, private swims, private huts, private pretty much everything. Most lakes will offer a service of bringing you breakfast to the lake as well as dinner if you wanted to pay a little extra for that comfort.

If you are a big fisherman and you have friends that also like fishing then i would recommend it to anyone. The fishing is awesome, the weather is generally better than in the UK, the lakes are beautiful and the fish are generally well looked after.

Just one more thing to say! If you are planning a trip to france then make sure that you have at least 20lb fishing line. Most fisheries will not accept line less than 20lb and they will actually refuse you to fish if with a lighter line. Also, when it comes down it - at the end of the day you don't want the fish getting away! There is some very big fish in france to be caught and you not want to have any regrets when you get back home! Have a fantastic time fishing n france for the biggest carp about!


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