Catch Carp In The Winter - 10 Tips

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Carp fishing in the winter can be a tricky business!! Most do not attempt it for a number of reasons. It is very cold when sitting beside a lake in the winter and the time doesn't seem to fly by quite so quickly as it does in the summer. Its harder to read the newspaper and your hands become freezing and if you are not catching then it can really end up being a miserable day. Therefore the answer to our problems is surely to actually catch some nice fish and then it would be worth all the hassel right?! Well I think so anyway...

Here are some tips that will help to improve you catch rate in all months of the year but in particular during the Winter Months.

1) You must lighten up on your fishing tackle. If you do not do this then you are going to be very unlikely to catch anything at all. You need to lighten your line and use smaller tackle all round. Smaller floats, smaller hooks, smaller bombs.

2) Use a smelly bait! Use something that will really attract the fish. There is no point using the usual the boilie that you have been using all summer as this will probably not tempt them in te slightest. I find real spicy baits are normally the best. Garlic and Curry flavoured best will improve your results in the winter. Check these 3 sites out for some really cool winter baits once you have finished reading this page.

3) Try to pick the days when there is no frost. Although it seems like the frost hits every morning in the british winter it actually doesn't. Keep an eye on the weather and go at the warmer times of winter if possible. If you have had a few days of frost on the trot, then you might as well stick your line into an empty swimming pool and hope for a miracle.

4) Fishing in the snow is one of those things that we all want a picture of. Standing there with a huge carp in the snow. What a dream. It has been done but its not easy! You are far more likely to catch at the beginning of a snowfall than at the end of one. The air pressure suites feeding patterns better so therefore it is possible. Once the snow has settled you are less likely to catch.

5) Be prepared to put time and effort in to the fishing, as it will take longer to get that bite than it would in the summer!

6) Fish the bottom. In the winter you must explore the deeper depths of any lake as this is where the fish will be. It is worth spending time plummeting the depth of a lake to find the deepest spots. Usually deep gulleys can be found in the water and this is where you want your bait to land!

7) Fish move around less in the winter. Therefore you should strike on any small bites that you might have. I have caught fish before in the winter than have not even make my buzzers go off, or make my float go down. They will stroll along at a very slow pace, sucking a blowing.

8) Don't feed up like you do in the summer. Offer very little free baits.

9) If you are going for a long day or night then make sure you wrap up warm otherwise you will end up going home much earlier than anticipated. It is unbelievably coild by a lake in the winter - you would have to do it to really understand.

10) Move about a bit, theres no point fishing one end of the lake for 10 hours solid in the winter. You are better to move around a bit to see if you can find any feeding fish. In the summer you can bet on the fish moving around the lake more often and eventually taking your bait, but in the winter it's a different story altogether.

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