Unusual Fishing Baits - When Nothing Else Is Working - Catch Carp & Perch

Unusual Fishing Baits - Prawns Catch Carp

Would it surprise you if someone said that you can catch most types of fresh water lake fish by using prawns? Somebody told me this not so long ago, but i wasn't to sure what to make of it all. Therefore i gathered the only way to find out if this really works is to give it a go myself.

I started off with a size 12 hook and 4lb breaking strain line. I gathered that i would use a line strong enough to play a reasonable size fish, but also fine enough to be able to catch the smaller ones too. The size 12 hook would be OK for both.

It was early morning when i set off and i began by pulling the prawn in half and putting it straight on to the float rod hook. Within 20 minutes i had my first bite but i missed it and was obviously a little dissapointed. I perservered with the idea, and began to throw some prawns around the area i was fishing. 5 minutes later i caught my first ever fish on a prawn! I was pretty impressed; it was a perch of about 1lb. I decided to carry on with the prawns and within an hour i had landed a 12lb mirror carp. I couldn't believe my luck... i couldn't believe i had caught a carp on a prawn. As soon as i realised that the bigger fish liked the prawns as well as the perch i decided to use 2 prawns on straight on a size 10 hook. It went quiet for a little while as mid day approached and i continued to get bites from smaller fish sucking on the bait, but at around lunch time i had a fantastic take and caught a tench of 6 1/2lb.

The days catch was 5 perch, with the biggest being 1lb, a carp of 12lb and a tench of 6/12lb. Also the lake i was fishing was not an easy lake to catch so i was very pleased with what i had caught. Since that day i have continued to use prawns when fishing, and rarely go without some with me. When no other baits are working you can be sure to get a bite or two from the prawns!

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