Unusual Fishing Baits - Winter Curry Sweetcorn

17lb Carp caught in February 2009 using curry sweetcorn.
17lb Carp caught in February 2009 using curry sweetcorn.

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When it comes to winter many of us continue to go carp fishing just like we would through the summer but we repeatedly fail to catch and continue to us the same old tactics as we do in the summer months.

OK, most of us have twigged on nowdays to the fact that you should not use such large baits in the winter, you should not give as many free baits in the winter and you should scale down on your tackle in order to increase your chances of catching. But if we are honest how many of us really change our bait in the winter or try something new?

I have found that by spicing up my baits i have definately caught more fish. In the matt hayes fishing magazines you will see that they advise chilli to spice up your baits in the winter. I have used this before and found it works to a degree, but did still not give me the catch results that i wanted. This is when i began trying out my own baits.

The most successful winter bait that i have found to date is curried sweetcorn. I have used this on quite a few occasions now and never really been dissapointed by it. For some reason the fish do not seem to be able to resist it in the winter.

To make the curry sweetcorn you need to do as follows:-

Empty your tin of sweetcorn into a sealable tub. Keep some of the juice but you do not want the sweetcorn drowning. I would advise that you then add 4-5 tablespoons of tandori flavoured curry powder. Stir this with the sweetcorn and you will see the sweetcorn starting to change colour. Leave for at least 12 hours before going fishing. Once left for 12 hours the sweetcorn changes to an almost orange colour and soaks up all the curry power into the center. This is important because your bait could be in the water for a long period of time, so there you do not just want the skin of the sweetcorn to smell as it will soon lose its appeal! Attach to 2 sweetcorn to a hair rig (no more in winter)... and give just a few loose offerings. They shouldn't be able to resist.

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