Challenge of Variety vs. Call for Consistency!

Crooked Lies

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Can you have your cake and eat it too? Golf is variety of change - within - its natural setting and - without - by the nature of each player. How does one use a variety of tools in a consistent manner in an arena of constant change ( climate and terrain )? I find that to be self-deception. Through the years the golf course has become consistent in design that being the number of holes, but that only - nine holes on the front nine and nine holes on the back nine, total of eighteen holes, which is a universally accepted design and a 'round of golf' . People gravitate to the golf game because of variety and being in nature. Balance is sought but is elusive. Golf's holes have variety of length and are designated to be par threes, fours, or fives in accord to their length. Could it be that within variety and diversity of golf courses there is consistency of ones performance? An attraction of golf is its natural settings whether a mountain course, ocean course, barren and links like, or rivers and trees, it abounds in being absorbed in nature. Nature is unpredictable. Consistency is not a desired equation when speaking of golf course design, yet players seek the challenge of the course and speak of their lack of consistency of shot making because of variety! Seek balance. Golf engenders creativity, not consistency!

But what of similarities in motion? Who are the keepers in golf, maintainers of the course, those who tend to nature and up-keep of the course? How consistent are they in blending the natural state to the satisfaction of ones consistent golf game? Could it be mowers used in golf course maintenance that share angle and motion characteristic to a steep swing force ( the wedge ) and that being the reel mower: nipped grass or the spinning golf ball (the nipped wedge shot)? Could it be that the flat swing plane mirrors the rotary mower, and a bigger circle - the driver, and rotational the wedge? Ironically, this does not include what the anatomy is doing when moving a wedge or driver with 'consistency' - that being rotational vs lateral movement in swing plane angles, which are in accord with gravitational and expanded swing forces of either club. The anatomy is the recipient of the design of the golf club, and of course, the golf course itself, and lie of the ball.

Maintenance of a golf facility may be in likeness to reel mowers and rotary mowers. Could it be knowing the energy of a rotary mower is comparable to the long game in golf, and the short game the reel mower? The number of blades on the reel could be more or less, in design, in likeness to the lob characteristics of many wedges ( variable loft: 50 degree to 64 degree ) 13 blades on the reel or 9 representing lower trajectory, less spin, a runner, a chip-shot in the true sense of the word 'chip'; but not as expressed in this age where discernment of the value of correct language could promote the energy of golf to beginners and regulars non-superficially! Why not open up? Wake up and expand the collective creative self; present a golf opportunity to others and express oneself clearly thereby instilling creativity with the art form.

Finding Center and being creative, shot by shot, upon irregular terrain is the challenge of a golf course. Could it be that presentation of a golf course experience be on the golf range before the golf course experience begins? Education should include variable lie angle on the range for golf shot calibration. What does the PGA's " Get Golf Ready" mean?Ones preparatory skills could have a history class showing slowness of play on a golf course is because most players have neither educated themselves nor have they been educated by teachers because there isn't any books in the class room ( on the golf range )! An introductory class for calibration of golf shot variables needs the tools - the books if you will - that relate to calibration experiences. It's this aspect that is metaphorical to life's ups and downs, a work in progress. What of the tools? How does the flight of the ball curve from a hook lie? How far does my golf ball travel from an uphill lie vs a down hill lie of the same length? www.jtgolf.comhas in its website variable lie angles designated as " Crooked Lies": 360 degrees of calibration! Three or four " Crooked Lies " on any flat golf range, and golf ranges are perpetually flat, would alter slow play to expedient play on the golf course, plus gratification of better golf shots. Could it be that this is a hidden insight, not grasped by the PGA's " Get golf ready"? What does " Get golf ready " really mean?

Balance is an issue. Finding center is an issue. An example of tools that do not fit and how a correct fit of one club promotes the correct feel in other golf clubs. Teacher, Ray Zuzenic's flat lie putter had too much energy at the toe, which imbalanced his stroke. An incorrect tool for Ray is comparable to Lee Trevino taking the left side out of play on the golf course because of his hooked grip which resulted in he playing a fade shot. Reduction in this sense resulted in refinement. Could it be that it had reduced creativity quantitatively as well ? Could it be that the pallet lost the colors of the hook shot, but enhanced creativity with fade shot properties, plus control? Could this be qualitative features selected as fade 'feel', and quantitative reduction of 'hook'?

The fade is arguably a controlled shot vs the hook partly because of trajectory variables available in the fade and not as extensively with the hook. However, comparatively, a 13 degree upright lie shaft angle vs a 17 degree lie angle of Ray's putter contained differences that had more significance than reducing the toes energy to more heel energy at 13 degrees. Its substance is a matter of balance and connectedness of fourteen golf clubs affirming balance in all may feature continuity flowing from one to the other. What's questionable is balance in some denying continuity in all. Is the chatter about consistency relevant, and is the true direction towards balance and creativity in a diverse environment? Could it be that to seek the ghost of consistency in golf is for those consistently feeding their time and energy to quick material gains?

Balance for the putt and a retention of balance for the remaining golf clubs is so because of balancing heel/toe energy in the putter, as is also the balance on ones feet having its own displacement from heel to toe in ones footwork and in Ray's case more gravity in motion as ones vision set forward (assembled and a constructed balance over the intended line of roll of the ball ), which caused weight distribution on the 'balls' of the feet, an athletic position. Strength in the hips have their assignment in golf, such as kiba dachi ( the Horse Stance ) in karate/martial arts, or gender attributes - man and woman vs rotational and lateral motion qualities.

So, what is it that is wanted?

1) For the materialist - money

2) For consistency - control

3) For the art form - education

4) For education - expansion

5) For those expanded - joy

The materialist can be consumed by money, but the consumption can profit and control ' consistency ' through variable lie angles (" Crooked Lies "). The experience of calibration will be educational and 'fun'! Could it be that profits the materialist and the non-materialist secure are an expanded growth form that unites the art form - golf, yet remain separate with singular motivations? The class room will extend the art form for the students and the teachers growth in knowledge. Thus, golf's expansion will have a consistent calibrated form of growth that is inclusive ( golf range and golf course united ) an educational resource, increasing and expanding joy by understanding variable lie angle - something from the heart, endearing one to the game of golf. On the Charlie Rose Show this evening, 7-8-13, Charlie said to his quest, " The more you know of something the more interesting it is."Could it be that this is the meaning of " Get golf ready? "If not, could it be?

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