Cheap Four Wheelers Under 1000 Dollars - What Should I Look For In This Range?

You can find very cheap four wheelers for sale, under 1000 dollars without too much trouble. Those looking at this price range, as opposed to those looking at the $600 or even $700 range will have much more to choose from. Not only can you buy new, but you could also find some name brand ATV’s at this price, as long as you are willing to go used. Let’s look at some of the very cheap four wheelers for sale under 1000 dollars that could consider, both new and used.

Chinese ATV’s:

While a Honda, Can Am, Polaris, or Suzuki may be on your mind, realistically, if you are looking for brand new models, the Chinese ATV market will be your best option. You can find many cheap four wheelers under your price range, even if it is 1000 dollars. You will most likely need to focus on kids ATV’s, but you can get lucky and find the occasional adult machine, perhaps 125cc ATV or larger, for this price. Kazuma, RedCat, Hensim, and BMS all offer opportunities, just to name a few. You really can find brand new, cheap four wheelers under 1000 dollars, and sometimes even 600, from these manufacturers.

Major Brand ATV’s:

Many are looking for Honda or Yamaha, or other major manufacturer and nothing else. If you are looking at cheap four wheelers for sale, and you are looking to spending under a grand, you will need to buy used. This list will assume you do not want t kids ATV, but an adult model ATV.

Honda : You can find a few older 80’s Honda FourTrax models out there, in used condition, for this price range. These are a utility type, with rugged racks for cargo.

Kawasaki: Look for older Bayou 220. You can find these for below $1000 if you keep your eyes open. It’s a decent, entry level utility ATV.

Yamaha: The Blaster is a great choice. While only 200cc’s, it’s quite fast. This would be a great option for trail riding.

Arctic Cat: You can actually find some fairly new DVX 250’s out there in this range. This is a sport ATV with enough power for most grown adults.

This list of very cheap four wheelers you may find for sale under 1000 dollars isn’t going to cover all possible models. These are, however, some great keywords to use on your ATV search to find a great deal.

Will Three Wheels Work?

If you simply want to trail ride, why not consider an older Honda ATC three wheeler? While not nearly as nice looking, they are inexpensive and they seem to run forever. An older 250r can keep up with most quads.

Online Auction Tricks:

If you look to find a very cheap four wheeler under 600 dollars online, you could pull it off with online auctions. Whether you’re looking at a Chinese ATV or major brand, try to search with misspelled words. For example, while the others will search for cheap four wheelers, you should search for “WHELLERS” a common misspelling. You can stay under your price range this way many times, due to a decrease in competition. Since fewer people find the items, you have a better chance of winning the auctions. Look at ways to misspell name brands as well.

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david 6 years ago

i can find very nice brand new ones for 1000.00

Used ATV 6 years ago

You can find a great ATV for under a thousand. Check eBay and Craigslist.

blacky 6 years ago


jj 5 years ago

u gies are a rip off

Windham 5 years ago

This is bullshit!


These fourwheeler do not work

I cant belive i fell for your trick

Jimmy  5 years ago

ya ur right this is bullshit

Bob 4 years ago

Were at

used ATV 3 years ago

holy crap

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