Cheap Penn Tennis Balls

Buying Penn Championship Tennis Balls in bulk can save you over $80!

Penn tennis balls are arguably the best tennis balls out there.  The Penn Championship tennis ball is the number one selling tennis ball.  This is undoubtedly due to the high quality and rugged nature of this extra-duty tennis ball.  And if you're picky about the tennis ball that you play with, and if Penn tennis balls are the only brand you'll use, you know that playing with Penn balls can be expensive.  After all quality comes at a cost.  And if you play a lot of tennis, then you're probably opening up a can every time you play.  If you want to save a couple of bucks and want to buy cheap Penn tennis balls, then the tips offered in this article will help you save money.

Now if you play tennis several times a week, you're probably using 20 or more balls each week.  Now you may be able to get away with reusing the balls if you're playing again the next day, but generally using this many balls adds up to approximately 50 bucks a week.  That's an expensive tennis habit.  Now if you're playing this much, you've probably already looked at purchasing Penn tennis balls in bulk and this can save you a little bit of money.   But depending on where you look to buy bulk tennis balls there's often a price difference of between $10-$20 bucks a case which can mean you're still leaving money on the table so to speak.  My advice is to check out this website for the lowest priced tennis balls, where you can save a good deal of money both on single cans of Penn tennis balls or bulk cases of tennis balls (and they have other brands too). 

One other thing I noticed was that the Lobster Elite 3 tennis ball machine that I frequently use, seems to work better on Penn tennis balls.  I know what you're thinking, and that there really is no way to prove it, but the extra-duty felt seems to hold up a lot better in the machine.  The spin on the ball seems a lot more realistic and the shape of the ball is unchanged.  Now, I don't go and replace these balls every time I practice with the tennis ball machine; it holds over 150 balls which would get incredibly expensive.  But when I do refresh the batch I honestly feel I get the best workout using the Lobster. 

Just for the record I also have a Tennis Twist that I use more often, mostly for warm-ups.  I don't really notice much of a difference between the Wilson tennis balls and the Penn ones (they're really the only brands I use).  I'm guessing because the Tennis Twist isn't a high-performance tennis ball machine like the Lobster Elite 3 that the difference between balls is hardly noticeable.

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