Chicago Bears’ All-Time Sack Leaders

The Chicago Bears are one of the NFL’s oldest and most storied franchises.  They began play in 1920 as the Decatur Staleys, became the Chicago Staleys in 1921 and the Bears in 1922.  The team has won 9 championships overall and has always (for the most part) had a solid and proud defense.  The NFL started keeping track of sacks officially in 1982, and here is a short list of the Bears’ all-time leaders in that category to date:

Richard Dent (124.5)—Richard Dent played for the Bears most of his career, from 1983 to 1993 and again briefly in 1995.  Dent leads the Bears all-time with 124.5 sacks, and he had a career high 17.5 sacks in 1984.  But Dent’s best season was arguably 1985.  That year, he helped his team reach and win the Super Bowl with these gaudy numbers—17 sacks (led the NFL), 2 interceptions (1 for a TD), 7 forced fumbles, 2 fumble recoveries and 38 tackles.  Not surprisingly, Dent was a first team All Pro that season.  Also, his 137.5 career sacks ranks Dent sixth in NFL history. 

Steve McMichael (92.5)—Steve McMichael played for Chicago most of his career, from 1981 to 1993, and he ranks second in franchise history with 92.5 sacks.  McMichael had his best season in 1988, when he registered a career high 11.5 sacks with 2 fumble recoveries and 88 tackles.

Dan Hampton (57)—Dan Hampton played for the Bears his entire career, from 1979 to 1990, and he ranks third in team history with 57 sacks.  Hampton had his best season in 1984 when he was a first team All Pro, with a career high 11.5 sacks and 3 fumble recoveries. 

Alex Brown (43.5)—Alex Brown played for the Bears from 2002 until 2009, and signed with the New Orleans Saints in 2010.  Brown ranks fourth in Bears’ history with 43.5 sacks, and his best season was arguably 2006.  That year, Brown had a career high 7 sacks, with 2 interceptions, 4 passes deflected, 3 forced fumbles, 2 fumble recoveries and 41 tackles.

Adewale Ogunleye (42)—Adewale Ogunleye has played for the Bears since 2004 (as I write this in 2010), and he ranks fifth in franchise history with 42 sacks.  Ogunleye had a career high 15 sacks with Miami in 2003, but his best season with the Bears was probably 2005, when he had 10 sacks, 5 passes deflected, a fumble recovery and 36 tackles.

Trace Armstrong (42)—Trace Armstrong played for Chicago from 1989 to 1994, and he ranks tied for fifth in the team’s history with 42 sacks.  Armstrong also had a career high sack total with Miami when he registered 16.5 in 2000.  But his best season as a Bear was arguably 1993, when he had 11.5 sacks, 3 fumble recoveries and 58 tackles.

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