Unusual Fishing Baits - Bread and Cheese Paste

Chub are one of the River fish that you can fish for all year round and be in with a good chance of catching. For many people Chub Fishing is preffered over any other type of fishing. Chub are known to eat any from "bread to bananas" as Matt Hayes said himself - and Matt also explained that Chub are his favourite fish to catch. Here is a simple bread and cheese paste recipe that has been working for me for years. If you can't catch a chub on this then you'll never catch a chub at all!

Unusual Fishing Baits - Simple Bread Paste Recipe.

Ingredients Needed

  • Bread
  • Cheese
  • Margarine
  • Start by breaking down the bread into almost powder. You can do this by either grating the bread, using your hands to break it up, or using a grinder / blender.
  • Place your Bread into a tub / bucket. Use as much bread as you wish, depending on how much bait you want to make!
  • Grate up plenty of cheese, straight into the tub where your bread is sitting. Grate the cheese as small as possible, so make sure that you use the smaller side of the grater.

  • You now have the choice to put in an addative. I sometimes use curry powder in the winter months as this can get the fish going crazy.
  • Now you have the bread and cheese mixture you can add some butter or margarine to the mixture. You do not need a lot, just a little will help the mixture to stick together nicely.
  • You should now have balls of paste, ready to fish with... prepare some balls and put them in the fridge overnight; this will help them mould together better and will stop the baits coming away from your hook easily.
  • Go catch some big chub!!

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