College Football 2012: Big Ten Week One Winners

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The Big Ten is looking to finally get out of the SEC's shadow. With clubs like Michigan, Michigan State, Wisconsin and Nebraska ranked high in preseason polls. Things look good for the Conference. Ohio State might be best club in conference but can't play for title.

Thursday Night Minnesota should get an early win over UNLV. Michigan State will have a big time battle on Friday against Boise State. I like Michigan State to win this battle at home.

On Saturday everybody else plays. My predictions are as follows:

Northwestern over Syracuse

Ohio State over Miami(Oh)

Penn State over Ohio

Illinois over W. Michigan

Nebraska over Southern Miss

Wisconsin over N. Iowa

Iowa over N. Illinois

Purdue over E. Kentucky

Indiana over Indiana State

In the biggest game of week one

Alabama over Michigan

The big ten will be a better conference as a whole this season. Don't look for any team to go undefeated. With that said. No Championship for the Big Ten again this year.

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