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Comparison is odious they say but, is it really so? Something as banal as whether Frisco sounds better than San Fransisco or something as mundane as if it is the onion soup or the mushroom soup that makes you go off to sleep can not be of much use to any one. Nor is any earth-shattering truth going to emerge from such discussions. But if you compare contrast topics that have a current appeal, there are any number of people who would give an ear to. For instance, are the conditions in other Arab countries comparable to that of Egypt just before it erupted in spontaneous revolution? To compare contrast topics such as these is not an exercise in futility at all.
Another point to consider here is what you may consider all-important may make another man raise his eyebrows and look askance at you. For instance, could George Lukas have done a better job of directing, in addition to producing the Raiders of the Lost Ark, than did Steven Spielberg? This may not interest you in the least but there are people who would lap it up when you compare contrast topics that accentuate the different approaches people employ to same things.
 To compare contrast topics that are entirely dissimilar is a skilled job that could lead you to a very different path from where you started off if you were not careful. You may start with the intention of comparing Euro and Dollars and how, over the years, dollar has lost much of its sheen. The intention is to compare the currencies. This may very well turn into a political discussion, completely veering off the stated purpose of contrasting each currency's influence in contrasting conditions  and degenerate into one to compare contrast topics like American and European temperament and even Japanese yen and your yen for the Japanese yen.

 The contrast between social conditions and the burgeoning English language could be fertile ground to compare the contrast  between how Oscar Wilde wrote and Ernest Hemingway wrote. Or, if Gerry Garcia would have lived to be a hundred, had it not been for his fondness for drugs.  The contrast here would have been the predominant drug culture of the 60s and the subdued  atmosphere the rockers  are forced to live in, being subjected to strict policing and public outrage. Witness how  an Amy Whinehouse or  a Lindsey Logan are being singled out!

However, to compare contrast topics,  you do not have to look any farther than your normal daily routine and life.  Contrast the comfort of private transport to the cumbersome travel by public transport. Or, situations may arise wherein you can sit for a serious discussion with someone. Buying an automobile calls for a lot of comparison. Putting up a ward in a college is one of  the fertile grounds to compare contrast topics such as education, accommodation etc.

You can compare the true Al Capone and the fictitious Micheal Coreleone. You can do it with Tennessee Williams' plays. The economic meltdown of recent times could be one to compare with the crash of 1920s.

In fact, you can compare contrast topics  like food, habits, books, music, continents, languages, anything at all.

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