Comparing Golf GPS and Laser Rangefinder

Golf GPS and laser rangefinders help golfers get accurate yardage readings. There are differences between the two of how do they work. The functions between the two are different and each device has its advantages and disadvantages. But, which device is better?

Difference between the GPS and Rangefinder

A laser rangefinder is an optical device used in golf like binoculars to measure the distance between the golfer and the distance he wants to know. Much like a rifle scope, the laser rangefinder allows golfers to lock on an object and get to see the distance from where the golfer stands to his locked target. For example, if the golfer would like to know the distance between where he stands and the flag on a green, he’ll simply use the laser rangefinder and lock on the flag and he will know the distance between him and the flag with ease.

On the other hand, the golf GPS is like simply a satellite-based mapping device. The device communicates with overhead satellites that pinpoint your exact location on the earth. The device then uses previously recorded locations on the golf course and will tell you the distance between important spots near you.

Unique Advantages of Each

The advantage of using a golf GPS is that you don’t have to aim at a location to get the distance between you and that location. If you are behind a bush, for example, golf GPS can help you get the distance to a location easily, even if it’s not within your line of sight. Also, you don’t need to have steady hands or an eagle eye using golf GPS devices since you will not be lining it up like the laser rangefinder.

Latest models of laser rangefinders like Bushnell laser rangefinder have high magnifications. This helps the golfer not only using the laser in getting the distance between an object and him but he also gets to locate landing areas. Golfers cannot locate a ridge on a green that should be avoided from 150 yards using the naked eye. But if they use rangefinders, I would be easy to spot and can play safely on the other side of the green. There are other uses of the rangefinders also. Golfers can use it for practice. For example, a golfer can use the laser rangefinder to see how far he’s hitting with each club.

To sum up all things, these devices work well in golf. They have different advantages, disadvantages, and uses. The important thing to know is to know what kind of device you need. Though these devices are similar when it comes to using it in golf, you need to know what suits you best. Study each device carefully to know what’s best for you.

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