Croquet a mostly forgotten but still fun low impact outdoor game

Pro Croquet Sets
Pro Croquet Sets
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Heavy Duty Volleyball sets

If you're looking for some good outdoor fun and low impact exercise consider purchasing a professional croquet set

They make fine gifts for those that have everything, or for those who enjoy being outdoors with friendly less stressful competition between family, friends, and neighbors.

Invented sometime in the mid 1800s in France, croquet was once more of a popular than golf. As families didn’t have A/C during the summer month’s outdoor events and gatherings were commonly held under the shade of large trees and on manicured lawns.

Those gatherings especially on a Sunday afternoon often included a game of croquet, topped off with a cold glass of lemonade.

It was a sport that was popular with women because it could be played in long dresses.

Croquet was also played by the most elite social groups and is still a popular sport in Europe in such countries as France, England and Ireland.

Croquet made only one Olympic début in 1900 when the French took center stage.

In America you will find small groups who still enjoy croquet competition. The Amish also play croquet as like in the olden days before A/C they also enjoy the outdoors under the shade trees on hot summer days.

The Amish also make and sale professional croquet sets which can be purchased online at Cottage Craft Works .com

For those who want a little more action and exercise in a competitive sport volleyball is also a popular past time outdoor game amongst the Amish. You can also purchase professional volleyball sets from Cottage Craft Works .com

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