Cup Stacking

Champion Cup Stacker t-shirt

ncsl champion cup stacker nl east division 1991 t shirt
ncsl champion cup stacker nl east division 1991 t shirt

Sport Stacking

I just designed my killer Cup Stacking Champion t-shirt and promoting it requires that I now have to actually learn a thing or two about cup stacking. My initial Google search shattered all illusions I had of discovering a little-known underground Frank Dux Kumite-style sport of stacking to the death. Much to the contrary, there are legit websites, videos, products, blogs, teaching programs, and sport stacking associations. I even picked up some stacking lingo. During the relay I up stacked so fast, my rival's bilateral proficiency was destroyed and she false stopped every attempt, yo.

Speed stacking video

I joke around but I actually think it's pretty cool that kids are doing this. It looks like a fun way to compete, interact with others, and develop hand-eye coordination. And some of them are really fast. Check out this video.

Guiness Book of World Records- Sport Stacking

The brief skinny

Also known as Karango cup stacking, sport stacking, speed stacking, Wikipedia says it was founded around 1985 by Wayne Godinet but gained national attention on Johnny Carson's "The Tonight Show" (1990?). Phys Ed. teacher Bob Fox developed it into a sport with rules and a governing body, the World Sport Stacking Association (WSSA). They changed the name cup stacking to sport stacking to give it more clout. Bob is also the President and Founder of Speed Stacks Inc. which looks like the go-to site to stay in touch, organize, and get your official gear.

Get involved

Sport stacking is a growing international sport. If you think you might be interested in getting involved, see if there are active groups in your area at Club Hub. If not, check out Speedstacks where you can contact others about how to get involved and maybe even host your own competition or tournament. Rating: Speed stacking has earned my GCF stamp of approval [I'm re-reading this years after writing, and I remembered that this made-up acronym stood for Good Clean Fun].

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