Day Ticket Lakes In Essex

There are some great day ticket fishing lakes in Essex.

  • China Lane Fishery - Bulphan. Popular fishing lake, you are pretty much guarenteed a fish or 2 here every time. Current charge - About £10 for 2 rods. Huge head of Carp Bream Roach Perch Catfish and also some hybrids. Matches held here.
  • Gloucster Park - Fishing Lake under new management. Huge head of fish here. Carp, Tench, Bream, Roach. Lake allows night fishing. About £7 for 2 rods - guarenteed a catch here too.
  • Puddledock Fishery - Upminster. 4 Lakes to choose from. Different sizes and species of fish in each lake. You can catch pretty much any type of fish here except for perch, pike and catfish.. apart from that its really got it all. £10.50 for 2 rods. Good days fishing catch like crazy. Matches held here. Good for pole fishing.
  • Tylers Common - Upminster - 3 Lakes to choose from. Lots of different fish to fish. All lakes hold different sized fish and different species. Matches are held here. £10.50 for 2 rods. Good days fishing, lots of fish to catch! The lakes differentiate with regards to how hard/easy they are too catch but all are very good.
  • Pea Lane - Upminster - Holds Carp, Catfish and lots of small stuff. Well looked after fishery - you must dip your nets before fishing here. Good fish to catch - also very catchable lake. You should definitely come away with a fish or 2 or more..
  • A130 - Good head of carp, lots of other fish to try to catch, lots of small carp if you enjoy catching them then you will have a fantastic day. Take a look at the pictures on the gate of the fish caught there!
  • The Warren - Standford Le Hope - Home to some of the bigger fish in Essex. Lake Record stands at 37lb. The quality of fish is second to none. Huge head of huge carp, but plenty of other fish to catch also. 3 lakes in total. £10 a day. Well worth a visit - all lakes are good, but the biggest are in the main lake.
  • Hardwood Hall Fishery - Upminster - Long narrow lake with very pleasant surroundings. Carp, Pike, Perch, Road, Rudd, Bream - £7 for 2 rods. Great days fishing, perfect for the pole fisherman as lots of space behind and you can get most of the way across the water into great features areas.
  • Chigboro Fishery - Nice lake, available to night fish, hold good size carp and good selection of other fish! Picturesque lake full of features. A good days fishing with the chance of catching some big fish.
  • South Wealde Country Park - Home to some of the best Old English Carp. This country park is set in picturesque settings and is a beautiful lake to fish. Some big pike also live here, and the lake isn't fished to heavily!
  • Birds Green Fishery - In ongar, another good looking lake - predominantly carp. Good place to fish and fishes extremely well during the summer. Popular lake that is well worth trying out! Also good for a bit of float fishing or topping.
  • Northlands Park - Felmores - Full with lots of different fish. Under new management, and good ticket prices of around £7 for 2 rods. Good catch reports at this lake and good space around you to fish.

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