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Golf tips and tricks on how to fix your swing.

Golf is one of the greatest sports in the world. It takes practice and a whole lot of patience to play this game. The pros practice all day, every day to make there swings perfect and some times that's not enough. Even the pros struggle with there swing.

The golf swing is the most complicated motion in sports, a little head movement or speed correction and say good by to your ball. The really frustrating part is, you can't watch your self swing so its very hard to adjust. You can't improve any part of it unless you know just what it is that needs your attention. I suggest that you record your practice and go over the tape, then make some notes and try to improve. By doing this you will be able to see your flaws and be able to make the proper corrections.

There are a lot of golf swing aids out there and a lot of them can help. This is a very popular sport, its well liked and most people are willing to spend the money on aids to make there swings better. Most of then are very helpful. There are many things to consider in the way you swing the golf club, do i have the right grip or is my back swing to long? Find the aid that helps you the most, the one that feels comfortable. If you don't feel comfortable its not going to be fun and you run the risk of hurting your self. Keep it fun, that's all that matters. PRACTICE!!!!!!!!!!!

Some Tips:

  • CLEAR YOUR MIND (WOO SAH)- don't think about anything, the more you think the worse your going to do, just relax .
  • THE GRIP- Your grip should be firm yet soft, Think of it as holding a pet bird you don't want it to get away but you also don't want to kill it.
  • STANCE- Your feet should be shoulder width apart, Knee's bent slightly, Butt out and your chin should be up, make sure your shoulders can pass under your chin with out moving your head. Your head must stay still. The only thing that needs to move is your hips and arms.
  • KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE BALL!!!!!!!!- It is very important to keep our eye's on the ball If you do not, your ball wont even move and if it does move then it wont be very far or it will wind up in nasty stuff and most likely you wont be able to find it. If your eyes move it will throw off your entire swing.
  • THE SWING- The swing should be smooth and consistent. As my mentor (Grandpa) used to say "Tempo." If you keep your eyes on the ball and your swing is smooth, your ball will go strait and far, let the club do all the work! there's no need to try and kill the ball.

These are just a few of the tips that i have picked up over the years. Stay tuned and subscribe to my hubs, i will be going over new products and new ways to improve on your over all golf game and fitness, yes fitness. Fitness is key just like in any other sport. I will also be spot lighting some great products in my links. I hope my tips help, good luck out there. Please if there is anything i can do to make my page better let me know. Thank you all for reading.


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