Do Plastic Dog Biscuits and Pellets Catch Carp?

Chum Mixer
Chum Mixer

 Most keen fishermen will know how sucessful fishing with dog biscuits can be in the warmer months of the summer season. They float on top of the water and carp can be caught as they come to the surface to feed. Chum Mixer dog biscuits are the most popular as they are a good size and are also quite soft which is good for the Carp to digest and therefore they come back for more quicker.

Recently you will have noticed that there are more and more plastic fishing baits being introduced on the market. There are some very good immitations of dog biscuits and pellets, and they float also. So the question here is, do these immitations really work? And what are the benefits to using them.  The first answer to the question is YES, the plastic dog biscuits and pellts really do work. They work especially well when offering the fish some free feed of the real stuff around your plastic bait. This leads the fish to become complacent and confident and they will suck yours in thinking it's real like the rest.

You might wonder - Are there any advantages to using the plastic bait? Fair enough they might work but why should I use them? ....  They are good to use in windy weather conditions or when you have to do a long cast to reach a specific area that you want to fish. Plastic baits do not fall off the hook, so it means you can have a bait in the water for longer and not get frustrated with the bait continously falling off. They are usually also a slightly different colour to the real thing so it can make it more noticeable to you which is your bait.

Should I bother using the real baits at all in the future? This is entirely up to you. I would recommend using real baits when you are fishing close in, and when the weather is still and calm and there is not much ripple on the water. Real baits still have that extra smell and therefore extra attractant that the plastic baits do not.

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