Does Plastic Sweetcorn Catch Carp?

Plastic sweetcorn
Plastic sweetcorn

These days there currently lots of artificial baits available to us on the market. This includes all types of fishing, fresh water, river or even sea fishing. The most popular plastic bait has to be the plastic sweetcorn.

So the question has to asked. Does plastic sweetcorn really do the trick?  The answer to both of questions is absolutely yes. As long as used with some real free feed the carp will be more than confident to take the plastic bait thinking that it is real. The plastic sweetcorn look identical in size, shape and in colour which means it works almost equally as good as the real thing.

Advantages to using plastic sweetcorn rather than the real thing are: The sweetcorn doesn't come off the hook or rig as easily - you can therefore cast further and be confident your bait is still on. No small fish will be able to nibble the sweetcorn away. Plastic sweetcorn is usually pop up, so you can fish different depths whereas with the real thing you are restricted to fishing on the bottom.

How is best to use plastic sweetcorn: When using plastic sweetcorn for carp fishing you will more often than not be using a rig to present your bait. You should apply 3 pieces of real sweetcorn to hair and 1 piece of plastic sweetcorn. make sure that plastic sweetcorn is the last piece that goes on the hair - closest to the boilie stop. This will therefore allow you cast further and be confident your bait is still on, and it will also give you a slight pop up. We recommend using yellow boilie stops for yellow sweetcorn, and red stop for red sweetcorn. We also recommend soaking your plastic bait with a smelly sweet addatives to give it the extra edge.


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