Driving Range Deals in Canada New Foundland

You're in Canada and have the desire to play golf or just hit some balls at the range, but where do you go?  Canada is home to some of the most beautiful golf courses around.  Although many are member's only courses, play at these courses can sometimes be offered to the public for a fee.  Of course this always depends on the establishment and their rules or guidelines they enforce.  For the avid golfer in Canada, sometimes the price of membership to many of these establishments is worth it when you consider the cost of play throughout the year.  So where do you go to find a club or establishment to fit your golfing needs?


The Bally Haly Golf & Curling Club is located in St. John's, New Foundland.  This is a members clubs that really offers a lot for the price of membership.  At many membership clubs you have to pay the membership price in addition to course fees, storage fees, range privileges, as well as food and beverage.  What make the Bally Haly Golf & Curling Club exceptional is that for the membership fees all of the normal in addition fees are included.  For the avid golfer who sees themselves on the course every free minute during the week or on weekends, this would be the ideal club to gain membership to. Although the membership prices seem a bit much at first glance, for those who are familiar with all the fees associated with golfing and driving ranges, they are quite comparable when added up throughout the year.  So if you wish to find a place that not only offers golf courses, but an excellent driving range to hone your skills, this is a great place to look.  Once a member, you can say good bye to the continuous fees for driving range balls along with all the other fees associated with many exclusive golf clubs.

For those looking for a great golf resort for themselves or even a company function then the Terra Nova Golf Resort is worth looking into.  They offer a beautiful facility that meets all the needs of a resort experience.  If it's just you, your companion, family, employees, or some friends, the Terra Nova Golf Resort is perfect for everyone.  What a great way to end a conference or seminar than a round of golf on breath taking courses. The resort will even custom plan packages for any company so all will have an enjoyable time.  Or if you are looking at improving your game, just make your way to the driving range where you can swing to heart's content.  Want to play golf while your family is interested in other activities?  The Terra Nova Golf Resort offers many other leisure activities for the entire family.  So you can get away for a nice golf filled weekend and still spend quality time with friends or family who might not share your love for the sport.  The resort offers a variety of prices and packages depending on one's needs, all which are pretty reasonable when you figure in the fantastic views and abundance of options.


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