Soft Lure Fishing with a Drop Shot Rig

Berkley Powerbait Ripple Grub on a Berkley Deep Jig Head.
Berkley Powerbait Ripple Grub on a Berkley Deep Jig Head.

Fishing with soft plastic lures is fun, exciting and at times capable of producing some heart thumping fishing action! One soft plastic lure in particular that is causing a stir up and down the inshore waters of the UK is the Berkley Power Bait Ripple Grub. The Ripple Grub is rather like a 'shad' lure but features a curly, rounded tail. Some anglers say that it's the tail action of this lure that makes the grub so attractive to predatory fish. Bass, Pollock even Cod at some point have fallen hook, line and lure for this erratic little swimmer. Of course, every angler has his or her favourite method of fishing with a soft lure and there are a number of killer techniques that if fished right are absolutely devastating. One of my all time favourites is the drop shot rig, this technique is best fished while in a boat or a kayak.

Drop shot fishing requires patience and a degree of dexterity, as you inject life into your lure with quick sequenced flicks of the rod tip. Underwater your soft lure or grub will look very much like a sand eel or shrimp that is darting up and down from the seabed while looking for food and retreating back to cover. The key to successful drop shot fishing is to keep your weight firmly on the seabed, as any movement of the weight will spook your target fish and render your efforts above the water useless.

The following video shows what your Ripple Grub lure might look like underwater. Notice how the weight remains on the seabed as the lure darts around. The idea is to use your rod to make the lure look as realistic as possible to a passing predatory fish. Be creative and experiment to find out what works best.

The drop shot technique requires very little tackle. A short stiff rod, a small fixed spool reel or bait caster type multiplier loaded with 20lb mono or braid. For best results tie a 4ft fluorocarbon leader to the end of your main line in the same breaking strain. This will act as a hard wearing leader that is almost invisible to fish. Simply tie your hook about 18” from the bottom of the fluorocarbon using a Palomar Knot, this is the preferred knot because it will help make your grub lure stand out off of your line, thus making it more presentable. At the bottom of your fluorocarbon leader tie your weight. 3 or 4oz should suffice, depending on the strength of the tide. That's it, done! Now sit patiently, breathing life into your lure and wait...

The drop shot technique is a very effective and capable method of catching a number of different fish so why not give it a try.

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