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Static Stretching


 Stretching is very very important. Flexibility is what separates elite athletes from good athletes. Having greater flexibility will lead to less injuries because you will be able to land in awkward positions or extend your limbs further without resulting in injury. There are four different types of stretching forms they are: Static, Dynamic, Ballistic, and PNF. First off I do not recommend Ballistic under any circumstances, and I will not be going over it. Some athletes in professional sports do this kind of stretching but I feel you should not be doing it before you get to that level because of the risk that accompanies it. PNF stretching is assisted stretching and I will also not be going over it because it must be done with an expert. The stretching I will be going over is:


So what is static stretching?  Static stretching is passive, for example, a simple static quad stretch is when u lift your heel up to your bum, grab your heel and hold it past the normal ROM to a hyper extended state which results in a gentle stretch. While stretching try and hold the stretch without any movement in your hand or leg, hence its a passive stretch. You should hold this stretch for fifty to twenty seconds. This type of stretching should be done after exercise and will increase flexibility over time. NOTE:If you are extremely tight before a game it is wise to warm-up with a jog, static stretch, and then do a dynamic stretch.


Dynamic Stretching is active stretching. It does not increase flexibility but rather warms up your muscles for activity. It involves repetitive movements in one's normal range of motion. It should be done right before exercise. An example of Dynamic stretching is high knee's (Where you run bringing your knees as high as possible) and butt kickers (Where your try to kick your butt with your heel as you run).

Dynamic Stretching should be done on the days that you have your sport, for a warm-up. Static stretching should be done three to seven times per week. Make a judgement on your own flexibility if you are truly inflexible try three times a week at the beginning and work up to seven times a week. But if you are naturally flexible you may only need three times a week.

Stretching is a simple concept but not enough people do it, many people are extremely tight and this results in injury, and could even be career ending. Take the time to stretch, you will thank yourself when you land awkwardly or overextend and you are uninjured.

Overview of Dynamic Stretching



Many supplements make false statements, many are just a waste of money but a few are good and are worth taking. I believe that some supplements should be taken in order to get effective muscle growth these are:protein, creatine, and a energy supplement (A product like NO explode which gives you energy and improves circulation).


Helps repair muscle. Good times to take it is after your workout and before you go to sleep. Don't worry about getting all the different kinds of protein, for example a casein protein which is slow release apposed to a whey protein which is fast release, a solid whey should do fine. Unless you have money to burn. The casein is good for overnight use because it will feed your muscles throughout the night.


How it works: Your body uses ATP as energy the ATP needs CP (creatine phosphate). The ATP becomes ADP and then pairs up with a CP. So the science behind this is more creatine will result in more energy being created. In my experience it did work great, it could be the placebo effect but it still did work. Within about two weeks I gained some weight which is said to be water weight, because you retain more water when on creatine. It is important to take the creatine with lots of water to avoid cramping

Energy Supplement

Basically just gives you energy prior to each workout. It really does help give you intense workouts. It is really nice to have after a hard days work because it wakes you right up and gets you ready to hit the gym.

In my honest opinion this is a great supplement stack, its affordable and all the products work great. Try these out for about twelve weeks when your doing the program I have previously posted. Let me know if it worked for you, it's worked great for me.



 This is where muscle is actually built, in the kitchen and the bedroom (Sleep). It is important to focus on eating right to promote muscle growth.

Factors important in muscle growth:are enough caloric intake, and enough protein. 

Factors important in overall health:enough water, fruits vegetables, fats (NO TRANS FAT!) you probably already know most of these, a balanced diet is the best one. Too much protein turns to fat so don't just constantly drink protein shakes and not have carbs or fats or fibre. All food groups are important.

However when muscle building and bulking up you want to alter your diet from the average person. According to the Canadian food guide 10% of one's calories should come from protein. However, I feel this is too low to promote muscle growth, and what I would do is consume roughly one gram of protein per pound of weight. For example a two hundred pound man should have two hundred grams of protein on the days that he works out. On your rest days it is also important to consume protein to speed up the healing process. On these days try to eat half your body weight in grams of protein. So, for example, a two hundred pound man would eat one hundred grams of protein on a rest day. This may sound like a lot but most protein shakes are about forty to fifty grams of protein, and if you also have meat at every meal you should meat these goals.

It is also important to increase your caloric intake to promote muscle growth. Average the amount of calories you take in daily for about a week. Then add about two hundred to four hundred calories to your daily caloric intake. Taking in more calories will promote muscle growth but it also promotes the development of fat, so take this into consideration and don't go calorie crazy.


Example of a double leg lateral hop over an object
Example of a double leg lateral hop over an object

Introduction to Plyometrics

Plyometric exercise increases explosiveness, speed, and power in the targeted muscles. The plyometric exercises I will be going over today are for beginners who have never trained this way before. The following plyometric exercises will focus on your legs and core.

Note: Before any plyometric exercise get warmed up and properly stretched


Start with 70% running speed and then push off explosively with your left leg and drive your right knee up. Repeat with your right leg, explode of your right leg and drive your left knee up. Try and make your strides as long as you can and drive your knee's up as high as you can. Try this for about fifty meters (bounding the whole way) and as you feel more comfortable with it go further. Repeat for two sets. Tip: It is important to get enough speed before starting your bound.

Double Leg High Jump:

Start in a standing position, quickly lower yourself and explode upwards driving your knee's upwards touching your chest and then exploding your legs downward towards the ground. WARNING:Land with your legs bent to avoid injury. Repeat this for ten repetitions and two sets, slowly increase the repetitions and sets.

Double Leg Lateral Hops

Start in a standing position quickly lower yourself and explode upwards and to the right, driving your knee's upwards toward your chest and then exploding your legs downward towards the ground. Repeat but jump to the left. Either use an object like a bench, a line on the ground, or even an imaginary line to jump back and forth over. WARNING: Land on the ground with your legs slightly bent to avoid injury. Repeat for 10 reps of 2 sets. Slowly increase the repetitions and sets.

These are the plyometric exercises I will be going over today, check back soon because I will be putting more up often. This will greatly enhance your speed, power, and explosiveness. They are a must for speed training.


First post introduction and a starting program

The first tip to becoming an elite athlete at your desired sport is to understand it takes a lot of will power and sweat. I can help guide you towards your goal of becoming an elite athlete. The strength training programs, plyometric programs, stretching programs, and nutrition programs that I will write about will aid you greatly in strength and speed based sports for example football, and hockey. So as my first post the most important thing is realizing you have to train to excel at your sport. If you already are good job! Next is to pick an effective training program for your sport. A program that I am currently using for football is as follows:

DISCLAIMER: This is an advanced workout program, many of the lifts could result in permanent injury. Only proceed in doing this workout if you know how to properly do the lifts. Always consult a physician before starting a new workout regiment.


Squats: 4 sets of 10, Clean: 4 sets of 10, High pulls 4 sets of 10, Barbell shrug 4 sets of 10, and one back exercise of your choice 4 sets of 10.


Bench press 4 sets of 10, Push Press 4 sets of 10, one shoulder exercise of your choosing 4 sets of 10, one tricep exercise of your choosing 4 sets of 10, one bicep exercise of your choosing 4 sets of 10, and one core exercise of your choosing 3 sets.


Squats 4 sets of 10, Cleans 4 sets of 10, Dead Lifts 4 sets of 10, Three leg exercise of your choosing 3 sets of 10 each, One back exercise of your choosing 4 sets of 10.


Bench Press 4 sets of 10, Push Press 4 sets of 10, one chest exercise of your choice 4 sets of 10, one tricep exercise of your choice 4 sets of 10, one bicep exercise of your choice 4 sets of 10, and one core exercise of your choosing 3 sets.

Here is the workout, as you can see each day it targets a large amount of your body. It is a great workout try it for about 12 weeks. What you can also try is on the first week start at 4 sets and 10 reps, and progressively lower the reps and increase the sets for example in the 12th week for bench press you could do your 1st set and do 10 reps, 2nd 8 reps, 3rd 6 reps, 4th 3 reps and keep it at 3 reps until your 7th set. This will enable you to do heavier weight. Give it a shot!

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glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 7 years ago from Northern California

It's always good to know the right ways to stretch. I was always taught a zillion different ways when I did sports in high school, and now I just do my own thing... and have gotten considerably softer :)

Matts88 profile image

Matts88 7 years ago from Canada Author

Haha yeah seems like everyone does it differently. Stretching is so important though, it prevents injury. I hate hearing the horror stories of people getting scholarships and then they get injured, Keep Loose!

Kayla 6 years ago

u shoul put the range u have to be in

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GmaGoldie 5 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

Great posters and pictures. Very useful hub. We should all aim to be an elite athlete or at least aim for the next step in our fitness. Off to bed to get up early for a run with husband.Keep up the motivating hubs.

alexcanete 4 years ago

im gonna try it...

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