England World Cup Songs - England World Cup 2010

England World Cup Songs

We all want to get behind England at the 2010 World Cup and I think everyone hopes England will win the World Cup (I doubt it!) Well to get everyone in a patriotic mood and supporting there country everyone likes a song! At the sad news of no official England world cup song we can still look back at the classics and the new brilliant England world cup songs so read on!

St Georges Flag!
St Georges Flag!

It`s Our Game

It's our Game is a new song and is part of the world cup song contest which I will link to at the end. This song is pretty good actually and a new one and well worth watching as you will help it win the contest!

Come on England

Show them how to play


Vindaloo - Fat Les

This might seem a bit yobbish now but it is still worth a listen and may get you in a patriotic mood!  Some of the dancing is pretty funny as well!

This My Dear is England

Another song from the world cup song contest which shows national pride and honour. It features normal people and shows how we are as a nation strong and proud! They even promise to give lots of the money they raise to charity to help soldiers in the Armed Forces!

Heroes Live Forever, Make Our Nation Proud, Wear your Shirt with Pride and Sing Our Anthem Loud!

Three Lions

The classic Three Lions is simply put a brilliant song and remind you that however unpatriotic you are everyone seems to want there country to win the world cup!  My favourite part is the 11 Kuntz!  Look out for it!

La La Engerland

Quite good and quite popular!

La La Engerland!

Rule Britannia

Rule Britannia is a classic England song and is almost like an unofficial anthem!

Greenfields of England

I am adding this one as someone wanted me to add it (I think it is the person who made it)  but I appreciate people looking and enjoying my hub so am including it!  It is called the Green Fields of England and is pretty decent actually!

The Skatoons - The World Cup's Waiting for you

A really cool song I found today that is a lot of fun and I think could deserve to win the world cup song competition - keep watching it here to help them win! Some funky dancing too!


The World Cup`s Waiting for you!

You know what you gotta do!


A couple of videos down but I am adding it as someone wanted me too and it is a decent song which is worth listening to!

The World Cup`s Waiting for You!

We Are England

Your Favourite England Song

What is your favourite England football songs

See results without voting


There you go some great England songs to get you in the mood for the World Cup and get you supporting your country!  Spread the football fever and love and inspire the boys!  

If you want to see what the official World Cup merchandise is this this year follow the link


Feel free to spread the word to your friends and get the country behind the England team!

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Comments 29 comments

GeorgeDragon1 6 years ago

Check out the England World song `Green Fields of England` by George and the Dragons. It is getting played at English football stadiums around the country and receiving national radio airplay. Hear it at


ns1209 profile image

ns1209 6 years ago from UK - England Author

Thanks for commenting! I presume that is your own video but I will upload with the rest if you like as I appreciate people responding and enjoying my hubs!

Joe Harley 6 years ago

A great new demo song for England World Cup 2010.

It's called Lace Up Your Boots.

Listen to it here:


ns1209 profile image

ns1209 6 years ago from UK - England Author

Thanks for the comment will check it out!

Tony B 6 years ago

You got to add "Flag Of St George" by "This England" on here it's definatley one of the best songs released for this year's world cup. it's on you tube and amazon.co.uk and itunes. funny little video too.

englandworldcup profile image

englandworldcup 6 years ago from Blackpool/St Helens

Hello there,

Great Hub mate. Please check out our 2010 World Cup track on our Hub. If you like it please feel free to add it to your hub.


ns1209 profile image

ns1209 6 years ago from UK - England Author

Will check it out and may add! Thanks

englandworldcup profile image

englandworldcup 6 years ago from Blackpool/St Helens

Thanks for adding, am very grateful

ns1209 profile image

ns1209 6 years ago from UK - England Author

Sure that's fine! If you are really grateful feel free to share this hub! It is a pretty good song anyway - did you write it and sing it!

dave 6 years ago

Apart from Fat Les & 3 Lions there is only 1 England Song its by the arthillmob

its called England we aint going home check it out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ICZgp84fAI

monkeytortoise 6 years ago

Here's a great new England world cup tune! Football is our History!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4H-dKaZPus

englandworldcup profile image

englandworldcup 6 years ago from Blackpool/St Helens

Yes ns1209, we wrote and produced it all with a budget of only £200.

ns1209 profile image

ns1209 6 years ago from UK - England Author

Well done!

bella 6 years ago

finalstraw profile image

finalstraw 6 years ago

A heart felt classic for your ears and eyes.....


Chris 6 years ago

Could this be the next England anthem? It's just been released.. a real party song to get everyone going! :D


Available now for download from www.daretodream2010.com

kingharold 6 years ago

A good song, but there are others that are better.

I saw this one this morning.


Cliff Portwood and members of the 1966 World cup squad sing it.

What a great tune and singalong chorus.

Looks like a real supporters song to me.

ns1209 profile image

ns1209 6 years ago from UK - England Author

I quite like the Dare to Dream song - I realise it is yours.

@Kingharold - Don't really like that song! Sorry!

Mykwela 6 years ago

Surely, something with a bit of kwela would be good.

Check this England song out...


Stryker 6 years ago


Danny 6 years ago

Where's the skank for England video that you talk about at the top



ns1209 profile image

ns1209 6 years ago from UK - England Author

Sorry don't understand what you are saying?

Gary 6 years ago

How about this one...


Richard 6 years ago

England first ukulele World Cup anthem!


Have a look, great vid too

susanlang profile image

susanlang 6 years ago

Hi Ns1209, the songs are hopping on this hub! Loved the youtube stuff too.

Captain Bumble 6 years ago

Here's a late entry to the 2010 Anthem Arena..

England's Glory by Captain Bumble


SimonB 6 years ago

Heres The DILE one "SKank Fro England" and its a stormer!!!


Stuart 6 years ago

This is the England world cup song 2010 that everyone is talking about.

Should have won the talksport competition. Even Hawksbee and Jacobs said it was the best. I downloaded it from amazon.


lizmoss71 profile image

lizmoss71 6 years ago from Orpington, UK

Good hub, but you forgot about World in Motion from 1990 (or maybe that was deliberate!). The John Barnes rap is a classic.

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