England versus Pakistan Third T20 Match at Abu Dhabi

England versus Pakistan T20 World Cup

Nail Biting Finish

Misbah-ul-Haq  is  never a great finisher like Dhoni of Hindustan
Misbah-ul-Haq is never a great finisher like Dhoni of Hindustan | Source

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England versus Pakistan Third T20 Match at Abu Dhabi

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England versus Pakistan Third T20 Match at Abu Dhabi England Wins in an Exciting Finish

England Wins in an Exciting Finish

Nail Biting Finish

The entire match was so nail biting and exciting to watch. I almost sat at the edge of my chair while watching the match in my TV. The time was one hour past midnight in India when the match finally ended. One ball to go and Pakistan required six runs to win. The batsman at the crease was the Pakistan captain Misbah-ul-Haq and the England bower to deliver that final ball was JW Dernbach. It reminded me about Javed Miandad hitting the final ball of the Indian bowler Chetan Sharma for a six to win the match for Pakistan in a one day match at Sharjah years back. But luckily, India stopped playing at Sharjah before the partisan crowd which always supported the Pakistani players because of religious affinity.

Coconut Offer to Lord Ganesh from Hindustan Fans

The fiercely Muslim crowd was pro-Pakistani at the Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi. As tensions were building up, the spectators in the stadium started praying for a Pakistani win when the final over started. As Dernbach prepared to deliver that final ball of his final over, the women among the crowd became restive and some even started crying. Tears rolled down their cheeks. But the situation in the hall at my house was also tense and people started praying. Indian crowd was praying? What for were they praying? India was not involved in the match at all, then why should they pray? All the people assembled in the hall in my house were praying for a Pakistani defeat and an England victory in the match because Pakistan is Hindustan’s arch enemy. Almost everybody prayed that they would offer coconuts to Lord Ganesh in the local temple if England won! I calculated how many coconuts the local priest in the Lord Ganesh temple will receive the next day morning if Pakistan lost the match!

Sweets Were Distributed in Hindustan at Pakistan’s Defeat

Misbah-ul-Haq swung his bat at the ball wildly. For a split second, everybody’s heart stopped. Then the sound of the cart wheeling stump made everybody to realise that Misbah-ul-Haq was clean bowled by Dernbach. The crowd at the Abu Dhabi Stadium was stunned. There was a pin drop silence. Many wept. But the scene in the hall at my house was different. The crowd jumped with joy and hugged each other. Crackers were burst outside my house and before everybody’s house in the street. Crackers from the nearby streets could also be heard. Sweets were distributed not for England’s victory but for Pakistan’s defeat. Everybody went home as satisfied person. The next day saw all these persons being present in the local temple to offer coconuts to Lord Ganesh for answering their prayers positively and ensuring Pakistani defeat in the match and the series.

Misbah Is Never a Great Finisher like Dhoni

Actually England did not deserve to win the match and the series. England put up a shoddy show, totalling only 129 for six wickets in the allotted twenty overs. Only the opening batsman Kevin Pietersen scored a half century (62 runs with six fours and a six). All the other players collapsed like a pack of cards. The target of 130 looked easy to attain, particularly on a batting track like the one at Abu Dhabi. Pakistan looked to reach this target and win the match and the series. Swann dropped a catch and misfielded a ball to let it go for four. It added to England’s tension. In the last over, Shahid Afridi was run out. With Azam, Misbah tried to pull a victory for his side and almost did it. Misbah is never a finisher like Dhoni of India. In the last World Cup semi finals against India at Mohali, Misbah could have finished the match in Pakistan’s favour had he accelerated the run rate two or three overs before. In this match also Misbah committed the same mistake and lost the match. In the first T20 World Cup finals against India, Misbah failed to finish the match and committed a costly mistake. Only the prayers of millions of people from Hindustan should have given a victory to England, which they did not deserve. For Pakistan, Saeed Ajmal bowled well and secured four wickets, giving only 23 runs.

Fox Tries To Dominate in the Forest

Throughout the T20 series, Shahid Afridi, the former captain behaved in the field as though he was the Pakistan captain. The real captain Misbah-ul-Haq was quiet and calm. In the forest, the real kind lion is calm and quiet. But the fox tries to behave as though it is the king of forest. Afridi’s behaviour reminded me about this story.


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