Euro 2012 Football – Spain Vs Italy

Buffon is a betting addict

Buffon is a betting addict
Buffon is a betting addict | Source

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Match fixing by italy in the Euro 2012 final

Italy – Spain Final Turned Out To Be a Damp Squib

The final of the Euro 2012 football tournament between Spain and Italy turned into a lackadaisical affair. Fans expected a great treat from both sides. While Spain lived upto the expectations and provided entertainment to the fans through a feast of goals that poured in, the Azzuris disappointed. There was nothing in Italy’s attack and its defence showed galling loopholes.

Azzuri Attack Was Devastating Against England and Germany

The Italian attack against England was devastating and unmanageable to the opponents and it was sheer luck that saved England from the ignominy of being butchered. But any way, they lost in the penalty shootout. Italian attack against Germany was unimaginably aggressive. In both the matches in the knockout stages, the Azzuris showed belligerence in their attack, stonewalling tactics in their defence and full domination in their midfield.

Italy Failed Against Spain

But against Spain in the final, all these qualities were missing. Spain made fun of Italian defence and penetrated it at will. Italian goalkeeper and Captain Gianlugi Buffon fumbled time and again and allowed goals to pass through him into the net. Purlo’s domination in the midfield was totally absent. Balotelli and Cassano failed to click and looked like children on the playfield.

Match Fixing By Italy?

What could be the reason for all these things? I can only think of match fixing on the part of the Italian players, their captain and their coach. Italian captain and goalkeeper Gianlugi Buffon is aged and at 34, he knows that his playing days at the international level are almost over. Euro 2012 was probably his last chance to make some big money through gambling and betting. Buffon is addicted to betting and recently betted $1.5 million with some betting agency. This was reported in the newspapers also.

Italian Players Are Already Involved In Match Fixing

It could be that somebody in the Italian team had betted that Italy would lose the match 4-0 to Spain and all the players cooperated to make this happen. They would have won handsome money because of this betting as nobody else would have betted that Italy would lose by such a big margin. This huge money could have been shared among the players. It is pertinent to recall that many Italian players in the present squad are already involved in match fixing scandals in the Italian club level football and so it is not an unreasonable assumption that they could have done this match fixing at the international level also.

Fans Should Riot and Force the Police to Book A Case

For this despicable act, the Italian police should book cases and punish the players involved. But Italian police itself is corrupt unlike the British or American police (even the British police was corrupted by Murdoch). Italian government and the politicians are more corrupt than anybody else in the world. Therefore nothing is going to happen and everything will be hushed up. But if the fans exhibit their anger in some way or other, it could prove to be decisive. After all, Escobar was murdered by the Colombian fans when he scored a self goal in a World Cup match. Match fixing and losing a match by mortgaging the national honour is more serious than a self goal, which after all had come accidentally. I don’t say that the fans should go to the extent of murdering the Italian players. But if the fans show their anger and force the police to investigate and book a case against the culprits, then truth can come out. Players found involved in this scam should be punished by banning them for life from playing competitive football. The clubs in Europe should also ostracise them forever.

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Good game, good recap!

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