Euro 2012 Football – Who Will Win?

German Juggernaut Is Going To Roll

German Juggernaut Is Going To Roll
German Juggernaut Is Going To Roll | Source

Denmark Plays a Fast Game

Football Carnival

A football carnival is around for the fans to enjoy. Euro 2012 event is going to begin on June 8th with the opening match between the co-host Poland and the former champion Greece scheduled to be played in Warsaw. Euro 2012 will thrill millions fans all over the world for twenty days till the finals on July 1st. There are sixteen teams taking part in Euro 2012. They are divided into four groups of four teams each.

German Juggernaut Is Going To Roll

Group A is the luckiest group because there are no strong teams in the group. It consists of Greece, Poland, Czech Republic and Russia. All the teams are weak teams but two of them will qualify for the quarter finals. Group B is rightly called as the group of death. It consists of Germany, Holland, Portugal and Denmark. All the four teams are strong teams and the competition among them will be at the fiercest. Football fans should not miss any Group B match in Euro 2012. Germany has a powerful attack with Mario Gomez, Miroslav Klose, Lukas Podolski, Thomas Mueller and Schweinsteiger. At 33, Klose is still at his best as he was ten years back. Every team has to respect and fear Germany.

Denmark Plays a Fast Game

Netherlands depends on Arjen Robben and Robin van Persi for its attack. If the coach motivates the team to play a positive football instead of targeting their opponents physically, Netherlands has a good chance to win the Euro 2012. The Dutch team generally plays the ball in the air instead of hitting it on the ground. Portugal has to depend on its superstar Christiano Ronaldo for its success. Ronaldo is in good form now and can be expected to contribute his might for his team’s success. Denmark cannot be written off. In fact Denmark plays a fast football. Its passing, dribbling and hitting the ball are so fast. Its players run fast and all matches involving Denmark will be action packed games.

Spain Is Still Strong

In Group C, Italy, Spain, Croatia and Republic of Ireland are entangled in a tough battle ahead. Spain is the current World champion and also Euro champion. On paper, Spain should win Euro 2012. But it has been affected by injuries to David Villa and Puyol. It was David Villa who contributed his might for Spain’s success by scoring in many matches. Puyol gave Spain the important win against the mighty Germany in the semi-final through his header. Even though these two players will not be able to play in Euro 2012, Spain still possesses a strong team with Ikor Casilos, the best goalkeeper in the world. Spain also has Andres Iniesta, who scored in the finals of the World Cup 2010 against Netherlands.

Ribery Is a Fast Runner

Ribery Is a Fast Runner
Ribery Is a Fast Runner | Source

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Euro 2012 Football – Who Will Win?

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Euro 2012 Football – Who Will Win?

Germany and France Have the Best Chances to Win Euro 2012

Ireland Cannot Be Written Off

Italy has nothing to boast about but the player to watch is Antonio Cassano who can win the match single handed for Italy against any opposition. But unfortunately, Cassano is a heart patient and how far his health will permit him to move is debatable. Croatia is an average team but its players are real fighters. Republic of Ireland, on paper, is a weak team. But it has an experienced coach in the form of Giovanni Trappattani. As the coach is an Italian, he will pass on valuable information about how to defeat Italy. Ireland may well pull off a surprise in the tournament by defeating Italy and even qualifying for the quarter final. I still remember an excellent goal scored by Ireland against Germany in the 2002 World Cup.

Ribery Is a Fast Runner

Group D consists of England, France, Sweden and Ukraine. England is handicapped by injuries to Frank Lampard and Wayne Rooney. Some important players like Steve Gerard have already retired. On paper, England team looks very ordinary. But mind you, Englishmen are fighters when it comes to football. They will really fight their opponents. France is the best team in the group and has been disciplined by its new coach Laurent Blanc. It has Ribery, who runs faster than anybody else. Benzema is another asset for France. Sweden has recalled its star player Zlatan Ibrahimovich from retirement. At the age of 30, Ibrahimovich can still pull off an upset against his opponents. Ukraine is a weak side which has qualified by virtue of being a co-host. It will be an achievement for it if it can cross the group stage.

Germany and France Have the Best Chances to Win Euro 2012

Against such a vast array of players and team, it is difficult to predict the outcome. But I feel Germany has the best chance to win the Euro 2012. If for some reason Germany fails to make it, then the next best chance is for France.

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itsameanoldscene profile image

itsameanoldscene 4 years ago from England

I am not too sure about France but they are improving & are putting their recent woes & infighting behind them, Germany as usual will be up there, Portugal are usual thereabouts but always seem to implode at the knock out stages. Spain have a lot to live up to & I will think will make it to at least the semi finals. My team England I just don't know, the game against France will be the benchmark to see if they can progress but as usual may just fall at the quarter final stage if they get out of the group stages. Italy always seem to do well when there has been a scandal. Ireland could be a wild card & could spoil it for a few of their opponents but that group is particular hard to get out of.

charmike4 profile image

charmike4 4 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia

I'm on Holland to win the tournament ramkimeena. At $6 to win I think that they represent great value for money combined with a team that is still smarting from their World Cup loss. Cheers Michael

CCahill profile image

CCahill 4 years ago from England

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