Euro 2012 – Germany Is The Clear Favourite

France may qualify for the quarter final from Group D

France may qualify for the quarter  final  from Group  D
France may qualify for the quarter final from Group D | Source

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Germany And Portugal May Qualify From Group B

Euro 2012 Is In An Exciting Stage

Euro 2012 football tournament is in an excited stage now with 50% of the group matches having already been completed. At this stage, Germany is the clear favourite. It is the only team so far with having won both the matches it played. Of course I am writing this article with only 6 out of the 12 group matches having been completed. In the remaining six matches, Croatia from Group C and Ukraine from Group D have chances to equalise Germany’s record.

Group A Picture Is Unclear

From Group A, all the four sides namely Russia, Poland, Greece and Czech Republic have theoretical chances of qualifying for the quarter final. But practically, Greece is already eliminated from the tournament. Greece can qualify only if it defeats Russia in its third match and hope that Poland draws with Czech Republic. Among Russia, Poland and Czech Republic, it is not clear who will qualify for the quarter final. Only the third round results will determine this.

Germany And Portugal May Qualify From Group B

From Group B, Germany has already qualified for the quarter final. Netherlands has only theoretical chances, like Greece, for qualifying as it needs to defeat Portugal by a huge margin in its third match which does not look like a possibility. The other place will be taken up either by Portugal or Denmark, depending on the result of their third round group matches. Portugal has better chances as it needs to play against demoralised Holland whereas Denmark has to take on the mighty Germany. Therefore one can safely conclude that Germany and Portugal will enter quarter final from Group B.

Croatia Is The Dark Horse From Group C

Croatia is the group leader from Group C but its entry into quarter final is not guaranteed yet as it has two tough matches against the World Champion and Euro Champion Spain and Italy, the other powerful team. Spain and Italy have drawn their first match and will look forward to defeating Croatia and Republic of Ireland for qualifying for the quarter final. I am of the opinion that both Spain and Italy will defeat Republic of Ireland easily. But I cannot say the same about their matches with Croatia. Croatia is a tough team to play. Football fans may remember Croatia ascending to the semi-final in the World Cup held in France in 1998. They even defeated Germany in the quarter final. In the semi-final match against France, which boasted players like Zidene, Croatia was leading by 1-0, but ultimately France overcame them and went on to win the World Cup also. Therefore Croatia is capable of causing some upsets against either Spain or Italy or possibly against both. Therefore at this stage, I cannot predict who will enter the quarter final from Group C. I can only say that Republic of Ireland can book their tickets to Dublin inspite of special prayers held in all Catholic Churches all over the world including India for their success.

Will Ukraine Upset The Calculations Of France And England?

From Group D, all the teams namely England, France, Ukraine and Sweden have chances to go to the quarter final. Though Ukraine is the group leader, it has two tough matches against England and France. Though Sweden is at the bottom of the group, it is capable of putting up a good fight like Croatia and upsetting England and France. But I feel England and France will have their way to the quarter final unless Ukraine or Sweden upsets them.

Probable Quarter Final Line Up

At this stage, the possible quarter finalists may be Russia, Czech Republic, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Italy, England and France. But upsets are also possible.

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