FIFA World Cup 2010 - Brazil V/s Portugal

The death play became a dead play.

The H group of FIFA World Cup 2010 was termed as death group due to the presence of football giants like Kaka’s  Brazil, Christiano Ronaldo’s Portugal, Didier Drogba’s Ivory Cost and the poor North Korea. The group match between Portugal and Brazil was the anxious match that all the world wished to see as Rial Madrid’s Kaka and Christiano Ronaldo was meeting face to face. But Kaka couldn’t play today due to the red card obtained against Ivory Cost. Also Robinho was given rest. Thus the match became interest less before starting the match. Eventhough the first half of the match seemed well second half was  totally boring.

The match was a real heart beating one. It is felt that referee also felt the same because he took yellow cards frequently. In 14th minute of the match the Brazilian striker Luis Fabiano was the first to receive the yellow card. At 24th minute of the match , the ball from Portugal half reached the Brazil area. When it was gain supplied to penalty box over the head of defenders , Juan has only one way – push the ball with hands. Since it was intentional Juan got yellow card. Duda of Portugal came running for appeal and he touched referee from behind. So he also got the yellow card!

The first movement to goal was by Nilmkar at 29th minute. The shot just hitting the hands of goal keeper hit on the crossbar and returned. In very next minute Tiago entered the Brazilian penalty area. When he lost control over the ball he fell down pretending that some one had pulled him from behind. For this referee warned him and gave him yellow card.

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Brainy Maji profile image

Brainy Maji 6 years ago from India

referee plays well.

abidareacode profile image

abidareacode 6 years ago from Areacode , Kerala, India Author

Refereeing is some what below standard in this world cup football.

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