I've been wrestling for quite some time and like most other wrestlers in the sport you begin to get into obtaining nice gear. You obsess over getting that special pair of shoes that no one else has because there no longer made or sold in America. Well let me tell you I've been there I wanted a pair of Adidas combat speeds for quite some time. I've wanted to kolats, the kendell cross's, everything. You search the internet for hours looking for a sight that has them. You Google every possible word combination in order to try to get a different edge and maybe pull up a sight that has them. Well i'm here to share some of the tricks that i've learned over the years as to, how to find that pair of shoes or those college shoes that only the college wrestlers have.


Everything can be found on google, well just about everything. When your first looking for shoes make sure you check google first, if their not that rare chances are your going to find somebody that still has them in stock. Usually it's a not so popular sports store that can still get you a pair of that shoe because no one really knows about them. If the store you pull up looks kind of shady, than just jump back to google and google the stores name and then scam? That should usually bring up some forums of people that have wondered the same thing and people that are telling them if it's legitimate or not.


Ebay, if your looking for shoes be sure you check ebay! everyone and their mother has an ebay account and if your looking for something that's not really in stores anymore not only are their ebay store but there are also ebay sellers who have them. is the traditional ebay sight but here's a little trick try going on it's the ebay for Europe. Most sellers are more than happy to send to America, just watch out for the shipping that can get kind of pricey.


Yes, is a photo sharing sight. But if you go on a community of wrestlers has been formed. Their from all over and everyone has everything on that sight. I've gotten quite a lot of things from flickr. It's like an online wrestling community, you sign on and post pictures of your cool stuff, if you have something of value to anyone else you'll trade, or sell. Just beware of scammers this is not ebay so your relying on the person your trading with to ship their items as well. To find these wrestlers try a simple search once you log on if Adidas combat speeds, nike kolat speed. Find a picture, click on it and then find the other people that have commented on it and add them as friends. You'll get lots of stuff on flickr, most of the people on their are high school or college wrestlers so you'll be able to buy pretty much anything for the right price.

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spags34 7 years ago

Do you know where to find the puple/white/gold adidas shoes in the pic at the very bottom of the repot!?!?!!?! I have searched high and low for them!!!

curtclapier profile image

curtclapier 7 years ago

The white addistars are still my favorite shoes to this day?

mike 6 years ago

the white adistars aka kendal cross shoe. buncha people got um on flickr for about 250$ relitivley new. brand new pair ul run 300

Kevin  6 years ago

Hey does anyone know where i could get some adidas combat speed shoes in black and red?

coollaxman1 profile image

coollaxman1 6 years ago Author

yeah, check ebay. If you can't find them I know people that have them, what size are you?

james 6 years ago

do you guys remember those kick a** shoes the russian Arsen Fadzaev wore back in the day. the Gold with red stripes? im looking for those if anyone knows?

mike 6 years ago

you know where to find kolat speeds?

mike 6 years ago

other than flickr?

Andre 6 years ago

I have a pair of Combat Speeds in MINT condition...used in ONLY 4 matches-no practices...$180 plus shipping.

Catherine A 6 years ago

Hi I'm a female wrestler and let me tell you, there is no such thing as a cute wrestling shoe. One day online I found pink asics however.. Where can I get these!?

coollaxman1 profile image

coollaxman1 6 years ago Author

andre: are they the red and black combats or the teals? I'm interested

Catherine: I don't know of any pink asics i'll look but you may like these

ohswrestling 6 years ago this is a link to my shoes. trying to sell sum

BRU125 6 years ago

Im looking for some nike kolat speeds 8.5-9???????? cant find none

Joe 6 years ago

where can I find the light blue adidas' at the top?

raho 6 years ago

ive been looking for size 11 kolat speeds n i cant find them anywhere and suggestions

norm 6 years ago

I can't find any larger sized combat speeds. Ideally 13-14 but I might consider even squeezing into a 12.5 The ones I used in high school and college split through the sole. Got a line on any large ones? Preferably in teal. I'd drop some serious coin if they are in good shape.

6 years ago

I am looking for vintage combat speeds size 13...i love the old blue and reds with the white strips or the teel with the pink (the old ones).Please help me im in the same position as NORM!

Jeremy 6 years ago

mike 6 years ago

can anyone help me find a pair of adiddas response wrestling shoes, the first ones? preferably in black size 11

jon 6 years ago

lookin for kolsts or pursuit 2s in 13 or 14

Colin 5 years ago

Looking for a pair of combat speeds for my 7 year old son. smaller sizes 4-6 in the teal and pink or the floresent yellow?? anyone seen them outh there?

Thanx Colin

robby g 5 years ago

I am looking for a pair of Adidas Sydney 2000 EQT's in either the navy/silver or grey/black in a size 12 or 13. Can anyone help me out?

Mason Geary 5 years ago

Anyone know where i could find a pair of Nike Freeks, black and white or vis versa, asics 54's, black and yellow, in a size 10 or 10.5. Its my senior year and i wanna go out with a bang. School colors are purple and gold, anyone finds anything cool with those is more than welcome to share those too. Thanks so much!

Nick 5 years ago

Does anybody know where i can get Adidas teals in a 9 or 9 1/2

Bradyt4l 5 years ago

I have black red combat speeds

Bradyt4l 5 years ago

(708)925-4633 i have blue/silver 54s sz10.5 red/blk pursuiTII sz11.

dboy 5 years ago

Does anyone know were I kan find black nd yellow rulons not agressers rulons I dnt think they sell them well I am a 7.5 or a 7

flickr090 5 years ago

do you have a flickr account

Stephan smith 5 years ago

Dose anyone know where I can get red and black combat speed 2 wrestling shoes size 12

joe momma 5 years ago

colin i have the blue and yellow greco romans.. 5 1/2

Zach 5 years ago

Okay I have a pair of the old school teal pink and yellow combat speeds. I know what there worth and wanna sell them idk where to sell them at though. If I can get the right offer I have no problem selling them.

Zach 5 years ago

^^^There a 10 or a 10.5 I don't have them in front of me right now

Zach 5 years ago

Hah lol one more thing there in perfect shape no rips or anything where the cloth is on the bottom of the shoe is smooth but any used pair u get will be like that. So they are in good shape.

crm1221 5 years ago

Hey Zach...any chance those teals are still available??? lmk my email is

t-bob 5 years ago

looking for size 11 kolats or size 11 adidas super response white/vegas gold

wrstdad 5 years ago

looking for speeds or kolats or freeks size 9.5

tap25 5 years ago

does anybody no where to get asic fifty fours

Jen Taylor 5 years ago

I'm looking for a size 12 Kolats or Freeks for my son. If you are selling any or know of anyone who is please contact me Thanks

kidgreco 5 years ago

I'm looking for some rulons 10-10.5

Jimmy 4 years ago

How about some Wrestling compression shorts to go with the shoes?

Justin 4 years ago

Original John Smith Mat Wizards are no where to be found! I still have a pair but they have been worn until the wheels have fallen off!

Dylan 4 years ago

Looking for size 11 gold/black Rulons. Hardest thing to find. Found ONE pair but it was the Kent State addition

Luke 3 years ago

Hey everyone, I'm looking for red, gold and blue rulons shoes size 10.5. If you have them and please text me 3045149204.

Also if you have 54s wrestling shoes size 10.5 I'll pay you a lot for those.

Jonathan 2 years ago

Adidas Combat Speed 2 in a size 8 if anyone has a pair in good shape please email me at please include pic and price thanks

Rhonda 2 years ago

Looking for Neon pink Wrestling shoes by Asics. Size 8. Email me at Thanks!

Mike 2 years ago

I am looking for a pair of Black Lyte, Purple Lyte or Asics Tiger Split sole size 7 1/2 or 8. Email me

Gage 2 years ago

Do u knowif I can get some of the red white and blue ones

dkjf 2 years ago


Chris Copes 2 years ago

Hey guys! I have a pair of MINT size 11 88s COMBAT SPEEDS... looking to sell. Email me directly at Here is a link to pics on Flickr:

Thank you.

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