Facts on Adult and Children Sleeping Bags

An Ocean of Sleeping Bag Choices ...

Have you been shopping for sleeping bags lately?

If so, you will quickly realize, shopping for sleeping bags isn't so trivial. I know that may sound strange since you may start the journey believing your just looking for temporary bedding away from home but you suddenly find yourself faced with a huge number of choices. Not only that but as you scour the displays you quickly notice the wide range of sleeping bags available seem to be designed for different situations.

So let's take a moment and consider some of the basic facts behind the myriad of sleeping bag choices.

Different Types of People ...

The first consideration really comes down to who will be using sleeping bag. Take a minute to think about it. Not only are no two people exactly the same but we come in all sorts of different ages, sexes, and sizes. As it turns out there are different types of children versus adult sleeping bags; bags for men versus women; couples versus singles choices; different bags for teens, adolescents, toddlers and yes even babies. Something many find even more perplexing; they even make sleeping bags for your pets.

So as you paw through all the different sleeping bag selections, the first thing you should consider is who is going to be using the bag.

Sleeping Bag Use ...

The second key factor pertains to the manner in which the sleeping bag will be used. Many people only use their sleeping bags as alternative bedding to take along on trips when they visit friends and relatives. If this your intended use the sleeping bag is going to be used indoors. Therefore you can be less worried about the weight and temperature rating of the sleeping bag.

The next set of individuals include the group of people who make several trips each season but to readily accessible campgrounds. In this situation, most of the time spent sleeping occurs in either tents, campers or sometimes even cabins. The people in this second group are going to require sleeping bags of better quality (but still not overly concerned with the bag weight) as well as lower temperature ratings since they are more exposed to the elements than those in the first group.

The last group consists of a smaller number of individuals who use their sleeping bags under far more extreme conditions. These are the folks taking long hikes into the backcountry regions and set up camp in areas with virtually no facilities. These backcountry campers require the highest quality sleeping bags with some of the lowest temperature ratings. The also need sleeping bags are very light weight and compact since they are transporting their sleeping bag in their pack the rest of their equipment.

It should be easy to see that the people in each of these three groups require sleeping bags with significantly different design characteristics. So before you hit your local sporting goods establishment, take a few moments to consider not only what type of person will be using the sleeping bag but also how they're going to be using it.

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Don Simkovich profile image

Don Simkovich 6 years ago from Pasadena, CA

Jim, my favorite sleeping bags we bought in the '70s from REI. One night - can't remember what month - we slept outside and it got down to 10 degrees and woke up with snow on us . . . I was warm inside . . . it felt great!

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