Falcon San Francisco Game

Watching Football on Sunday Afternoon

I am sitting here watching the Atlanta Falcon San Francisco 49ers football game.  The Falcons are really doing well.  They are currently leading 28-10 with 2 minutes left in the half.  There has been a score made with a 90 yard touchdown pass to Roddy White.  The commentator say this is the third largest touchdown pass in Atlanta Falcon History.  Just for a little bit of history there. 

As I live in Atlanta I am truly and Atlanta Falcon fan.  I remember the only time they participated in the superball.  I really became hooked. 

The game is back on.  Roddy White has caught the football again at the 1 yard like, hopefully he will make another touchdown.  As I am typing this Turner has made his third touchdown today according to the commentator.  Go Falcons.  The score is now 35-10 in favor of Atlanta.

The commentator just said this is the most halftime points the Falcons have ever scored.  This is the third most points allowed by the 49ers.

I just love their coach, Mike Smith.  He seems to be all about the player and winning the game.  He does not have a problem challenging the plays on the field when he feels the officials are wrong but he keeps his cool even when the ruling is not in the Falcon's favor.  I think this realy shows good sportsmanship.

The half time report is now coming up so I guess that I will stop writing this article now.  it has been fun.  I hope whoever reads this have as much fun reading this as I did writing this article.  Enjoy the rest of the game.  I'm going to the local sports bar to finish watching.  See you next Falcon's game.


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