Fan Gear Experts Compare Two Fan Favorites: Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers

Brett Favre
Brett Favre
Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers

Brett Favre held the hearts of Green Bay fans in his hands for many years with many fans still considering him the best thing to hit Green Bay since pockets a shirt. With a Super Bowl ring on his hand, many consider him their hero. Some of the best-selling fan gear is emblazoned with the number 4; Favre’s number while in Wisconsin.

Then along comes Aaron Rodgers. Younger, with a stronger arm and has been welcomed by Packer fans, even when he was the heir apparent to Favre. While his team mates may be better than Favre claims he had in 1996. Some fans are turned off by many of Favre’s recent comments about Roger’s ability to lead his former team to greatness. Especially his most recent back-handed compliment saying he had no doubt that Rodgers would win a Super Bowl; he just didn’t think it would take that long.

When it comes to ability, the mobility factor has to go to Rodgers. Favre had the experience to get out of trouble but it wasn’t pretty to watch. Rodgers, on the other hand, moves well within the pocket and has more discipline and a greater determination. Favre kept himself in excellent condition and could move when it was needed, but Rodgers could also run the ball when the pocket began to collapse.

The Packers’ system calls for a disciplined offense and Favre had a tendency to improvise at the line of scrimmage. In some ways this made the team better, it also resulted in some bad decisions. Rodgers basically adheres to the game plan and rarely changes plays at the last second.

Rodgers, in or out of the pocket, has been able to make good reads and find an open man and is more prepared to throw the ball deep. Accuracy was one of Favre’s strong suits due to the velocity he could put on the ball, but was somewhat limited to short and medium routes. Rodgers, being able to hit short and long passes, as well as routes in the middle, is a more powerful force on passing plays.

In his third year behind center Rodgers has taken more hits than most quarterbacks and keeps coming back for more. His durability has kept him coming back for more every week and is probably just as strong, both mentally and physically as Favre, but with an ironman mentality, Favre has the reputation as one of the most durable NFL quarterbacks ever.

Packers players have a deep respect for their young quarterback, perhaps because of his toughness, or his abilities or perhaps how he stood up to being named the starting QB when Favre retired and then came back, returning to his place as second without public complaint. Favre’s ability as a leader was never questioned, mainly because of how his team always seemed to rally around him. However, the younger QB, in his short time in the position, has already won the respect of his team as its leader.

Rodgers is young and unquestionably talented. Fans appear to be getting behind the new kid and will more than likely stay behind him, especially if he can collect a second Super Bowl win…something their beloved Favre was not able to accomplish.

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