Funny Fantasy Football Team Names

Fantasy Football Names

Fantasy Football and a Good Name

Let's admit it, half the fun of fantasy football is coming up with a great name.

You probably ask yourself "should I pick a dirty one, a funny one, or a boring one"?

I say go with the funny one.

Farve from the Poll

Best Farve Related Fantasy Football Names?

  • Farve From Over
  • Do Us All A Favre And Retire
  • Favre Finger Death Punch
  • Favre's Flip Flops
  • Farve From Good
  • Favre Dollar Footlong
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The Top 15 Fantasy Football Names

  1. Blood, Sweat, and Beers
  2. No Punt Intended
  3. Bloodbath and Beyond
  4. Fourth and Drunk
  5. Remember the Trojans
  6. Flock of Eagles
  7. Lord of the Wings
  8. Hoosier Daddy
  9. The Beer View Mirrors
  10. I Touchdown There
  11. Pride Snatchers
  12. Paintball Wizards
  13. Urine Trouble
  14. Rabid Squirrels
  15. Sunday Widow(er)

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Your Favorite Fantasy Football Names? 3 comments

yusra 4 years ago

cool name

Brenn Brant 4 years ago

Remember the Tightends

paintball wizards 5 years ago

go wizards!

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