Female Body Builders and Creatine and Weight Gain Supplements

There are obvious biological differences in women and men body builders. This also applies to supplements. The weight gain for female body builders when taking creatine is mostly water gain. To stop this from occurring these women should take creatine formulated for them. For females that don't won't to gain a lot of muscle mass, but want to shape up they can make use of creatine because it increases energy but not muscle mass.

The supplements and products for weight gain that body builder's use are also used for gaining muscle. You can get them as pills, powders, and bars. There are particular characteristics that make the best weight gain supplements. A good product should boost your energy, have a lot of protein content, be supportive of muscle growth, include multi-vitamins and amino acids, lower your metabolism, which increase your absorption of nutrients, it should improve appetite for increasing fuel intake, have a money back guarantee, and no side effects. The best products will be natural weight gaining products.

The female who needs to gain weight may feel a little weird as many women try to lode weight. So give yourself an emotional break and nurture your self emotionally in order to realize your goal. Replace the empty feelings with good happy feelings. This helps women who want to gain weight and train with weight lifting. Always use good muscle weight gaining strategies and avoid steroids, which are harmful for men and women. Steroids are often illegal and will cause huge health problems.

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Philipo profile image

Philipo 6 years ago from Nigeria

Thanks for sharing. I sometimes wonder if these women ever think of getting married to a "normal" man.

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