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Female Fitness with Denise Masino, Cory Everson, Melissa Dettwiller, Cindy Phillips and Sharon Bruneau

This is my fifth fitness women article here (as you might have guessed from the title), and this one is a little different.
All of these ladies are female bodybuilders, so they are gonna look a bit larger than the female fitness competitors and female fitness models I have featured in the other articles.
(Okay, I put them on this articles because I didn't want to start a new series of articles about just female bodybuilders, and the title "Female Fitness Models, Female Bodybuilders and Female Fitness Competitors" is just too long!)
But just remember, everyone has their own views of beauty and perfection.

Denise Masino

Professional female bodybuilder Denise Masino was born on May 1st, 1968 in Brooklyn, New York.
This lady is big and powerful, but sleek at the same time.
And beautiful.
She retired from professional bodybuilding in 2007, but before she retired, she amassed an impressive contest history...

1994 NPC Florida Championships - Overall winner
1994 NPC Nationals - 8th place
1995 NPC Nationals - 1st place (this win got her Pro card)
1996 Jan Tana Classic - 6th place
1997 Jan Tana Classic - 6th place
1997 Ms. International - 13th place
1998 Jan Tana Classic - 8th place
1999 Ms. International - 7th place
1999 Pro World Championship - 4th place
2000 Ms. International - 4th place
2001 Ms. International - 5th place
2002 Ms. International - 6th place
2003 Ms. International - 2nd place
2003 Night of Champions - 1st place
2003 IFBB Ms. Olympia - 3rd place
2004 Ms. International - 3rd place
2004 IFBB Ms. Olympia - 2nd place
2007 Ms. International - 12th place

In 2005, Denise appeared in the vampire movie, Blood + Kisses, as The Countess.

Cory Everson

Female bodybuilding champion and actress Cory Everson was born on January 4th, 1958 in Racine, Wisconsin.
Cory was an amazing athlete from the get go.
She starred in gymnastics, track and field, badminton, and swimming in High School, and won four Big Ten pentathlon championships in college.
Cory started training as bodybuilder after her college and became a phenomenon in female bodybuilding.
Her contest history...

1980 Ms. Mid America - 1st place
1980 American Couples - 3rd place
1981 Ms. Midwest Open - 1st place
1981 Ms. Central USA - 1st place
1981 Couples America - 1st place
1981 American Championships - 11th place
1982 Ms. East Coast - 1st place
1982 Bodybuilding Expo III - 2nd place
1982 Bodybuilding Expo Couples - 2nd place
1982 AFWB American Championships - 5th place
1982 IFBB North American - 1st place
1982 IFBB North American Mixed Pairs - 1st place
1983 Bodybuilding Expo IV - 1st place
1983 Bodybuilding Expo Mixed Pairs - 1st place
1983 U.S. Bodybuilding Championships Couples - 1st place
1983 AFWB American Championships - 8th place
1983 NPC Nationals - 2nd place
1984 American Women's Championships - 1st place
1984 NPC Nationals - 1st place

Then Cory went on to win the IFBB Ms. Olympia, SIX times! (1984 to 1989)
After retiring from bodybuilding, Cory launched an acting career, appearing in five movies and eleven TV shows.
She has also authored five books, Superflex: Ms. Olympia's Guide to Building a Strong & Sexy Body, Back in Shape, Cory Everson's Workout, Cory Everson's Fat-Free & Fit and Cory Everson's Lifebalance.

Cory Everson Working Out

Melissa Dettwiller

Female bodybuilder, fitness model, and actress Melissa Dettwiller was born on November 12th, 1977 in Houma, Louisiana.
She started bodybuilding at the age of fifteen.
Melissa and her husband lived in New Orleans until 2005, but they lost their home in Hurricane Katrina and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada.
Contest history...

2004 NPC John Shermann Classic (Houston, TX) – 1st place
2005 NPC Southern Classic (Jackson, MS) – 2nd place
2005 NPC Jr. Nationals - 2nd place
2005 NPC Louisiana State Championship - 1st place
2005 NPC USA Championship - 10th place
2006 NPC Jr. Nationals - 3rd place
2006 NPC USA Championship - 7th place
2007 NPC Team Universe Bodybuilding - New York - 1st place

You can follow Melissa at her MySpace page here:
And you can also check out her Model Mayhem page here:

Cindy Phillips

Professional female bodybuilder Cindy Phillips was born on October 31st (Halloween!), 1983 in Nova Scotia, Canada.
Cindy started lifting weights in 2002 at the age of nineteen, and entered her first bodybuilding contest in 2003.

Contest history:
2003 Nova Scotia Championship - 2nd place
2004 Canadian Nationals - Junior (under 21) 1st place
2005 Nova Scotia Championship - 1st place
2006 Canadian Nationals - 2nd place
2007 Canadian Nationals - 2nd place

You can read about Cindy at her very own blog here:
You can also check out her website here:

Sharon Bruneau

Here we have another blast from the past like Cory Everson, Sharon Bruneau.
Like Cory, Sharon may be big, but she lacks the muscle size we see in today's female bodybuilders.
That's because in 90s, size wasn't all that mattered.
Sharon was born on February 1st, 1964 in Timmins, Ontario, Canada.
She started out as a model, but when an illness caused her to lose a lot of weight, she turned to weight training to build herself back up.
Not only did she build herself up, she excelled and began entering bodybuilding competitions.

Sharon's Contest History:

1991 IFBB North American Championships - 1st (HW)
1991 IFBB North American Championships - Overall Winner
1992 Ms. International - 4th
1992 IFBB Ms. Olympia - 11th
1993 Ms. International - 7th
1993 IFBB Ms. Olympia - 10th
1994 Ms. International - 6th
1994 IFBB Ms. Olympia - 16th
1995 Fitness Olympia - 11th
(In 1995 Sharon switched from bodybuilding to fitness before retiring)

Carol Saraiva

Personal trainer and fitness model Carol Saraiva is one of those fitness stars that are very popular on the internet.
You see her everywhere.
She was born on August 1st, 1985 and she's married to bodybuilder Eduardo Correa.
Carol is five foot eight and weighs 176 pounds (all muscle) and lives in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil.
Like I said, she is very popular on the internet with more than 1.3 million followers on Instagram and and another 17K followers on Twitter.

Female Fitness Models and Female Fitness Competitors Pictures

Female bodybuilder Denise Masino
Female bodybuilder Denise Masino
Another picture of  Denise Masino
Another picture of Denise Masino
Legendary female bodybuilder Cory Everson
Legendary female bodybuilder Cory Everson
Another picture of Cory Everson
Another picture of Cory Everson
Female bodybuilder Melissa Dettwiller
Female bodybuilder Melissa Dettwiller
Another picture of Melissa
Another picture of Melissa
Female bodybuilder Cindy Phillips
Female bodybuilder Cindy Phillips
Another picture of Cindy
Another picture of Cindy
Sharon Bruneau
Sharon Bruneau
Another shot of Sharon
Another shot of Sharon
Personal trainer and fitness model Carol Saraiva
Personal trainer and fitness model Carol Saraiva
Fitness model Carol Saraiva
Fitness model Carol Saraiva

Female Fitness Models and Female Fitness Competitors

So who is hotter?

  • Denise Masino
  • Cory Everson
  • Melissa Dettwiller
  • Cindy Phillips
  • Sharon Bruneau
  • Female bodybuilders scare me!
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Michael Collins 6 years ago

What I find impressive, is how these women dedicate themselves to their goal and then achieving it. How, hopefully, when their competition days are over, they can have a family; friends, a good life, and maybe a little puppy that they show off to all their friends. That's what I find most impressive about these persons, and they are real live human beings, not a gaudy attraction, they're genuine flesh and blood people.

BodybuildingBuddy profile image

BodybuildingBuddy 6 years ago from USA

Hey, Great hub, I am going to check out the rest of your series right now.

I also have a hub that i was planning on adding to and beefing up a bit on How To Gain Weight Properly For Female Trainers, and i would love your comments on it.


Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 6 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

Sexy in a mannish way. If I need help lugging things round my apartment, I know who to ask! LOL!

Bodybuilding Info 6 years ago

Nice hub, It good to see all the people out devote them selves to bodybuilding and its even even more incredible to see these women dedicate themselves to the sport.

R C 6 years ago

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. A "pumped up" woman in my book is "hard on the eyes".

arnie 6 years ago

yes they work hard however they use drugs

Philipo profile image

Philipo 6 years ago from Nigeria

Have you ever wondered what becomes of their lives at old age. Thanks for sharing.

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