Official Name: Feyenoord 


Secretary: Bianca Kwakernaat

Press Officer: Gido Vader

Coach: Mario Been

Address: Van Zandvlietplein 3 3077 AA Rotterdam

Telephone: (+31) 10 292 6870

Fax: (+31) 10 432 5819 

Uniform: Red/white (half/half)

1908: July 19: Wilhelmina founded in a pub De Keijser, Club played in blue-sleeved red shirts and and white shorts

European Champions Clubs' Cup winner: 1970

EUSA Cup winner: 1970

UEFA Cup winner: 1974, 2002

Dutch Championship winner: 1924, 1928, 1936, 1938, 1940, 1961, 1962, 1965, 1969, 1971, 1974, 1984, 1993, 1999

Dutch Cup winner: 1930, 1935, 1965, 1969, 1980, 1984, 1991, 1992, 1994, 1995

Supercup winner: 1991, 1999

1909: New Name: Hillesluise Football Club

Alternative uniform: blue

1912: Promoted to National Football Asociation, New Name: SC Feijenoord, New uniform: red/white striped (what is currently used)

1917: Promoted to first division, New home ground: Kromme Zandweg

1921: New manager: Bill Julian

1924: New manager: Harry Waites, Dutch Championship winner

1925: New manager: Engel Geneugelijk

1926: New manager: Jack Hall

1928: Dutch Championship winner

1929: New manager: Joseph Lamb

1930: New manager: Jaap Kruys Dutch Cup winner

1931: New manager: Eddy Donaghy

1933: Construction of new stadium begins

1935: New manager: Richard Kohn, Dutch Cup winner

1936: Dutch Championship winner 

1937: Commencement of new stadium: Feijenoord Stadion (also called: De Kuip meaning The Tub)

1938: Dutch Championship winner

1939: New manager: Jack Hall

1940: New manager: Emiel Koelman, New manager: Karel Kaufman, New manager: Theo Huizenaar, Dutch Championship winner

1941: New manager: Kees van Dijke

1942: New manager: Kees Pijl

1946: New manager: Adriaan Koonings

1950: New manager: Harry Topping

1951: New manager: Richard Kohn

1955: New manager: Piet de Wolf

1956: New manager: Jaap van der Leck

1958: New manager: Piet de Wolf

1959: New manager: Jiří Sobotka

1961: New manager: Franz Fuchs, Dutch Championship winner

1962: First UEFA Champions League participation, Dutch Championship winner

1963: New manager: Norberto Höfling, UEFA Champions League participation

1964: New manager: Wilhelm Kment

1965: Dutch Championship winner, Dutch Cup winner

1967: New manager: Ben Peeters

1969: New manager: Ernst Happel, Dutch Championship winner, Dutch Cup winner

1970: European Champions Clubs' Cup winner, EUSA Cup winner

1971: Dutch Championship winner 

1973: New manager: Ad Zonderland, New manager: Wiel Coerver, New name: Feyenoord 

1974: UEFA Cup winner, Dutch Championship winner

1975: New manager: Antoni Brzeżańczyk

1976: New manager: Ad Zonderland, New manager: Vujadin Boškov

1978: New manager: Václav Ježek 

1980: Dutch Cup winner 

1982: New manager: Hans Kraay

1983: New manager: Ab Fafié, New manager: Thijs Libregts

1984: New manager: Ab Fafié, Dutch Championship winner, Dutch Cup winner

1986: New manager: Rinus Israël

1988: New manager: Rob Jacobs

1989: New manager: Wim Perbeek and Gunder Bengtsson

1991: New manager: Wim Jansen, New manager: Hans Dorsee, Dutch Cup winner, Supercup winner

1992: New manager: Wim Jansen, New manager: Willem van Hanegem, Dutch Cup winner

1993: Dutch Championship winner

1994: Dutch Cup winner 

1995: New manager: Geert Meijer, New manager: Arie Haan, Dutch Cup winner

1997: New manager: Geert Meijer and John Metgod, New manager: Leo Beenhakker

1999: Dutch Championship winner, Supercup winner

2000: New manager: Henk van Stee, New manager: Bert van Marwijk

2002: UEFA Cup winner 

2004: New manager: Ruud Gullit

2005: New manager: Erwin Koeman

2007: New manager: Leo Beenhakker, New manager: Bert van Marwijk

2008: New manager: Gertjan Verbeek

2009: New manager: Leon Vlemmings, New manager: Mario Been

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