Firearms--the Good the bad and the truth


Guns. In North America we are aware of guns, most people know someone that has guns or has had guns.
I won’t use the term “gun culture”, I don’t think that we live in a culture of guns anymore. In the early days when the pioneers came to settle this continent, guns were a necessity, it was a part of the culture.
Nowadays, they are not so much a necessity...not in most cases. By this I mean that most people do not hunt nor need to hunt. However, I do believe in the right to have firearms for protection.
I am not up on the firearm laws in the US, except that in the US everyone has the Right to Bear Arms. In Canada we have the right to purchase and poses firearms. Gun advocates in both countries will fight tooth and nail to keep these rights.
I have been in many discussions with people on both sides of the fence--those who say we should get rid of firearms and those who say we should have the right to them.
In Canada, we have to take a firearms course, pass background checks done by the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) before we can purchase and posses firearms.
I took the courses that allow me to legally purchase and posses both, Non-Restricted firearms and Restricted Firearms.
However, there are three classes of firearms: What are the different classes of firearms?

A3. There are three classes of firearms: non-restricted, restricted and prohibited.

Non-restricted firearms are ordinary rifles and shotguns, other than those referred to below.

Restricted firearms include:

  • handguns that are not prohibited;
  • semi-automatic, centre-fire rifles and shotguns with a barrel shorter than 470 mm;
  • rifles and shotguns that can be fired when their overall length has been reduced by folding, telescoping or other means to less than 660 mm; and
  • firearms restricted by Criminal Code Regulations.

Prohibited firearms include:

  • handguns with a barrel length of 105 mm or less and handguns that discharge .25 or .32 calibre ammunition, except for a few specific ones used in International Shooting Union competitions;
  • rifles and shotguns that have been altered by sawing or other means so that their barrel length is less than 457 mm or their overall length is less than 660 mm;
  • full automatics;
  • converted automatics, namely full automatics that have been altered so that they fire only one projectile when the trigger is squeezed; and
  • firearms prohibited by Criminal Code Regulations. (taken from, RCMP website,

Storage of firearms is also the law. Firearms must be locked in a secure cabinet or safe and trigger locked. Ammunition may be locked in the same container as the firearms. For more information on this, follow this link: With all the stories we hear about gun crimes, one must be aware that the majority of gun crimes are done with guns that are illegally obtained. These guns are usually smuggled into the country. Gun crimes are very rarely committed by people who are legally licensed to own firearms and have legal firearms.
Legal gun owners are extremely respectful and safe firearms owners and users.
My sons and I go target shooting as a family, we do this together as a hobby. We enjoy it. We are always safe. My youngest is nearly 10 years old and he has three guns and uses them in the safest manner possible. He was taught by me and he knows if he were ever to be unsafe, he will lose the guns. He is also a great shot!
I know many people have heard the saying, “Guns don't kill people, people kill people”. This is partially true, it is unsafe people or criminals that kill people.
I urge everyone who wants to own a firearm to take a firearms safety course, whether the law states you need to, or not.
Look into firearms and maybe go out to the ranges with someone who has firearms, maybe you will enjoy it.

I am also a member of a facebook group. Check it out and maybe join it. Follow this link:


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thomasczech profile image

thomasczech 3 years ago from Canada Author

thanks for your comment. People need to realize, firearms are not bad.

MG Singh profile image

MG Singh 3 years ago from Singapore

Nice post. You can't get away from guns, I have 3 myself

thomasczech profile image

thomasczech 3 years ago from Canada Author

Sounds like quite the place. Perhaps some day I will take a trip that way.

Ericdierker profile image

Ericdierker 3 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

A fun part I remember was that one was a cowboy and the other a Navajo Indian. Arizona. What a place? still today.

thomasczech profile image

thomasczech 3 years ago from Canada Author

Thanks for your comment. That must have been quite the thing to be a part of.

Ericdierker profile image

Ericdierker 3 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

Well done friend. I am just barely old enough to remember my pappy who was the health directer/inspector of our small town in Arizona, Flagstaff. He got a call and swooped me up and we went down to Joe's Place and he shut them down. Guns had to be checked at the door and there were two hombres sitting at the counter with what I think were six shooters. He busted their heads together and hung up their guns on a rack. We then ate tamales and tacos and re-opened the place.

We must learn to live with guns. But first we must learn to live together.

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