Fishing Gloves for Northern Pike Fishing

Introduction to Fishing Gloves

When it comes to important fishing gear, sometimes you have to look beyond the obvious before finding something really useful. This is especially true if you're looking to get a gift for an avid angler and you just don't have any idea which direction to go. Many people overlook the hands, but a good pair of fishing gloves can be a fantastic gift that goes a long way towards a great fishing experience. Not only can these help keep hands warm while allowing the fingers to stay far more functional than in traditional gloves or mittens, but there are also fillet gloves that are specifically designed to protect the hand against slips of the knife. They might save a trip to the emergency room! There are many different designs and styles available, so there's plenty to look at when you're considering which type of gloves are right for you or for the outdoor angler you're shopping for!

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Why Do You Need Gloves for Fishing?

There are several good reasons that an angler might want to grab some great gloves for all his or her fishing adventures. One of the obvious ones is the warmth or coolness factor. During really cold fall days, rainy days, or cold spring times shortly after ice break it's nice to have a little extra cover on the hands and fingers without losing any of the mobility you need to work the line, lure, and reels. There are a wide range of neoprene fishing gloves, winter gloves, and outdoor gloves to choose from. Some of these will also be designed to hold up and resist hooks or the miscut of a fillet knife, but not all of them are. If this safety aspect is important, then you need to check for materials specifically designed for this purpose.

That safety purpose is another good reason to look for hook resistant gloves or often times these will go under another name and be referred to as fillet knives because of their resistance to blades. These gloves generally are not overly expensive and can be a great investment - not to mention a nice boost to peace of mind.

Winter Fishing Gloves

A good pair of winter fishing gloves tends to be a little more expensive than many of the other all season gloves that are also available to outdoor fanatics. These often run around $30 or higher online, not including the shipping that also needs to go with them. Styles vary widely from gloves with the ends of fingers cut off to still allow full movement, to pull over mitten sections that cover the finger ends but can be pulled back to reveal the same. Some neoprene winter gloves are simply tight gloves, but made to keep the hands especially warm and help protect from frostbite or just plain cold from the elements. Wool winter gloves used to be a popular option, but they fell out of popularity as newer materials did a better job keeping fingers and hands warm and protected while also keeping hands dryer and allowing for better mobility.

Finding the Best Fishing Gloves

So at the end of the day, what makes the best fishing gloves? As annoying as the answer is, "it depends" is the right answer. There are some general rules of thumbs or guides that we can follow. Wool gloves will be less useful than many of the other options, and the material of choice seems to be neoprene for modern hand wear. When you're talking about great gloves for the outdoors, you want to look at real warmth, total movement, and overall protection.

What's most important? For fly fishing having the ability to tie knots, work with flies, and keeping nimble finger movement has to be a high priority. If you don't like cold weather at all or have circulation issues then the warmth problem becomes absolutely huge. In that case you may want full gloves and eschew any designs that keep the fingers uncovered at the end.

While price may be somewhat of a consideration, it might be worth knowing that there isn't a huge difference between the prices of fishing gloves so why go for cheap ones when for $10 more you can get the best out there?

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Ann1Az2 4 years ago from Orange, Texas

Great info! Gloves would be a real asset when the wind blows off the water. Voted up.

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