How To Test Your Strength - 1 Repetition Maximum (1 RPM)

Component of Fitness : Muscular Strength

Test Method: 1RPM

Location: Ideally a Gym or Home Gym

Time: 0-5 Mins

Equipment needed: Dumbbell or Barbell or Pulley assisted resistance machine

How many people are needed: Client + 1 person for support (Spotting)

How many participants: 1 per equipment

Conditions: Must be a flat surface

Notes: Your 1 Rep Maximum is the heaviest weight you can use to perform an exercise, maintaining proper technique, for a count of 1 repetition.

Conditions and guidelines should be laid in advance, for example the ROM (Range of movement) and variation of the exercise that should be executed.

Advantages & Disadvantages of the Method:

· Performance can vary based on the degree of which the working muscle has been fatigued

· Can vary based on the balance of nutrients in the body prior to executing the test.

· Participants will be tempted to sacrifice proper technique for a higher 1RPM invalidating results.

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