Football Fans: A New Way to Watch the Superbowl

Football fans of all ages tuned into Superbowl 45.
Football fans of all ages tuned into Superbowl 45. | Source

 All over the country, people celebrated Superbowl 45. Football fans campaigned for their favorite team while others tuned in for the commercials and half-time show. Some attended parties with all the traditional food and drinks, while others celebrated at home with their families. But technological advances have introduced new ways to enjoy the celebration, and I noticed many people using them during Superbowl 45.

Devices such as smartphones and iPads kept employees who had to work during the game in the loop. Depending on their jobs, some received periodic updates while others were able to watch the whole thing. People like my husband and cousin Brian that had to get up for work at 3 a.m. and needed to turn in early had the option to record the game for future viewing. DVR's and TIVO's became an important tool for avid fans. And people llke me who were watching alone were able to join friends and family all over the country to view the game together via the Internet. I chose to watch with my Facebook friends.

It wasn't intentional. I was feeling sorry for Cristina Aguilara for forgetting the words to the National Anthem, thinking that the commercials weren't that great so far, and being impressed that the Packers' near ball loss at the beginning of the game seemed to give them focus that led to excellent plays which gave them a strong lead. I flipped on my computer and told my Facebook friends who weren't watching that the Packers were winning, and just then there was an interception and touchdown. The next thing I knew, I was doing a commentary on the game, then the half-time show, then the commercials, and I realized many friends were doing the same thing.

I think even non-football fans would have to agree that the stars of this year's Superbowl were not the entertainers or the commercials, but the players. Both teams played their hearts out, and neither should be ashamed of their efforts. The Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers gave spectators a great game and excellent show that will go down in history as one of the best Superbowls. My Facebook friends who are fans were equally divided between Packers and Steelers fans, and ranged from good sports to despair to rabid anger over the outcome. And I enjoyed the beer can trivia my brother Mike inserted during the game that sent me to Google Iron City Beer.

As for the commercials, there were some good ones. Chrysler's commercial featuring Eminem was a standout,, Coke offered the usual feel-good ads that made me smile, and the Dorito pug commercial was funny. My top favorites had to be the Pepsi Max first date commercial and the House advertisement where he threw his cane to the kid. They were hilarious! But even more enjoyable was comments on favorites from my Facebook friends. I had to smile when Kathy said, "I hear Janis Joplin!" and when my niece Sarah and I made the same comment about the Pepsi commercial at the same time. And I'm still laughing at Sarah's comment about the tight end.

As for the half-time show. . .well, all I can say is that I was not dancing around the living room as I have with past half-time entertainers. I saw nothing unique or entertaining about the show, perhaps because the sound quality was so bad, but more likely because I'm getting old(er). The most entertaining part of the half-time show for me was the running commentary of my Facebook friends who also found the experience painful, especially my friend Deb's statement that "Even a wardrobe malfunction can't save this show."

It will be interesting to see how future technological development will affect the viewing patterns in future Superbowl games.


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