Football Fever in Donegal

Football fever in Donegal

For the first time in twenty years Donegal has reached the All-Ireland final. There are thirty-two counties in Ireland. Each year, all these counties compete for a chance to win the Sam Maguire Cup.Gaelic football is an amateur sport and Donegal has not achieved this position for twenty years. They won the All-Ireland final in 1992 but there was not as much football fever then as there is now. This time people have painted their houses in support of the Donegal team. They have painted cars, tractor wheel and bicycles among many other things to show their support. All over the county and in neighbouring counties there are flags and bunting in support of the Donegal team.The county is more decorated than it would be at Christmas. In schools, children have been taught the songs to support the team. As I write this it is exactly three and a half hours until the match this afternoon. I will add some of the many songs and other supports that are in place to push Donegal to win the Sam Maguire Cup and I will not publish this hub until after the results of the final but will add some of the features that have made this All-Ireland Gaelic football final so memorable to the people of this county and beyond.

Support for Donegal

This is one of the many songs that have been written to support Donegal in the final. In 1992 the last time they won there was one song for them. This year, there have been many more and this is one of them written by a Donegal man who lives in Lanzarote whose parents were part of the showband scene when we were young but old enough to get the value of the showband scene. His parents also took part in the Eurovision song contest many years ago

Where is Donegal?

Just to give you an idea of where we are here, Donegal is in the North-West of Ireland which has thirty-two counties as far as Gaelic football is concerned.Politically,the Republic of Ireland has 26 counties and the remaining six are in Northern Ireland.I am writing this from a town called Ballybofey which you can see here on the map. This town as is the case in all other towns in the county has been taken over by football fever and is waiting in hope for a good result in the match this afternoon

Football fever here in Donegal

Over the past few weeks the football fever has taken over everything. If you buy a loaf of bread the wrapper has changed to a green and gold version same as the bunting and flags that are everywhere in the county.I hope this support helps the team and doesn' t add added pressure for them to perform.Come on Donegal and win the All-Ireland. There will be major grief if you don't, you have such a strong base of support.The match is in two and a half hours....

The Sam Maguire Cup

This is the coveted Sam Maguire Cup which only goes to one county each year for the year if they win the All-Ireland final.The Donegal team are well-supported to win this coveted prize this year. The only problem is that if they lose there will be a major loss for all Donegal fans because there is only one Sam and Donegal wants to win this cup and take him home.The match is in two hours.I will not publish this hub until we know if Sam is coming home either way

Another example of support

This is another example of the huge support that there is for Donegal to win the Sam Maguire Cup in this All-Ireland final of 2012. There are so many songs and tributes it is impossible to include them all on this special day when Donegal plays in an All-Ireland final.The match is in two hours now and as I said before I will not publish this hub until the match is over but please God Donegal will win for their own sake and to save their supporters the heartache of losing after putting so much into their support of the team.

Come on Donegal 2012

This is what Donegal is trying to repeat. The Glory and the victory of 1992.This was such a glory day for Donegal then, twenty years ago.Now we want to do the same again this afternoon in one and a half hours. This is not a national or political thing, this is just about Donegal winning the All-Ireland.The match is in one and a half hours. This is nostalgia, we have done it before, we can do it again today.... watch this space

All-Ireland 2012

The match has already started.Now it is time to comment on the All-Ireland Final. Donegal have won the Alll-Ireland Final and it is time for the county to celebrate what they have anticipated for the past few weeks.Donegal have won again for the first time in twenty years and all is well.This county will not settle for weeks after this victory. This is what the county has been waiting for.Schools will be closed tomorrow,business will be shut down. We have achieved the dream.Here in this little part of Ireland we have achieved the dream and those amateur football heroes have made us do it.Tir Conaill abu.It was well worth painting all those houses and cars and all the flags were bunting too.Next step is to welcome yous all home in victory tomorrow.You have given our county hope in this recession. You have made us laugh and you have made us cry.Tir Conaill Abu and Donegal are the winners here 20 years on the county is so proud of you to bring that elusive Sam Maguire home

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Jimmys Money blog profile image

Jimmys Money blog 4 years ago

i Kate, fantastic write up on what was some win. I'm in Glenfinn and Donegal bringing Sam back to the hills was a proud moment. This win gave the county a big (and needed) lift.

Kate Mc Bride profile image

Kate Mc Bride 4 years ago from Donegal Ireland Author

Thanks for your feedback and you are right-it was a great lift for the county to win the All-Ireland. Glad you liked the hub :-)

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