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Sports and Outdoors

Amazon ships bike helmets APO FPO DPO! For example, their Fox Outdoor Marketplace Store ships the Fox Men's Transition Helmet to overseas US military addresses. Fox ships everything in their Marketplace Stores to overseas US military addresses - and they ship fast.

So, if you're stuck with no helmets in your local exchange - buy your helmet at Amazon. [Why do they only have kids helmets in exchange stores, when there are regulations that state that everyone has to wear a bike helmet while riding on US military bases? Good question, huh.]

This Fox helmet mentioned above is stylish as well as functional. I recently bought two helmets, and they are light weight by way of a thin plastic film overlayed on top of heavy duty styrofoam (CPSC 1203 and EN 1078 standards, 1997 approved). They have twelve air vents on top to keep your head cool. If you ride hard enough to work up a sweat, the vents actually work. The way I know this is from a dummy attack, in which I once bought a skateboarder helmet that had no ventilation holes, in lieu of a bicycle helmet - because I couldn't find one at my exchange - and no vents means a head completely soaked in sweat after a long ride (duh).

This transition helmet ("transition" just means the helmet can be used for a number of extreme sports) has a one piece, inset chin strap - and two sets of inner comfort padding that actually change the inside size and fit of the helmet, in case you're not exactly sure of your helmet size.

An all around great helmet at a great price - shipped fast overseas.

Amazon has a huge inventory of Sports and Outdoors gear and equipment - for all seasons - including winter months. So, if you head down to the Alps with your mountain bike and snowboard and decide to just stay there and not report back to work ...

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