Fox Hunting History - The Sport Of Kings The Shame Of A Nation


By the 1800's the modern fox hunting pack as we know it today was common. Unlike the movies, which often portray a person hunting fox with an entire pack of Bloodhounds or sometimes just one Beagle or Basset Hound, a real fox hunting pack consists of several different breeds. Professional hunters will often be accompanied by a pack of ten or more dogs. This pack would include several Foxhounds, Beagles and Jack Russell Terriers. Some hunters will even use the odd Dachshund or Greyhound for different purposes.

Each and every breed included in a fox hunting pack is included for a different and specific purpose. Foxhounds are used for their incredible sense of smell and ability to lead the party onto the right scent trail to begin the hunt. Beagles are used for their deep, loud, bellowing howl alerting the rest of the hunting party to their location should they find an animal, or get too far ahead of the pack. The Jack Russell plays one of the most important parts of the hunt. It is often the strength and courage of the Jack Russell that is needed in order to bring the hunt to a close. A frightened fox will often hide in the nearest available burrow, far below where the rest of the hunting party can reach. Without hesitation the Jack Russell will use its smaller size to crawl right in after its prey, often either scaring the fox out of an adjoining tunnel, or killing it underground and dragging it back up to the light of day. The Jack Russell continued to flourish with the popularity of the fox hunt and quickly became one of the most desired breeds in Britain.

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jayjay40 profile image

jayjay40 6 years ago from Bristol England

I hate fox hunting with a passion. I know in some areas foxes can become a vermin. However there is no need to torture an animal like this. There are other ways to control foxes. Thanks for a well written hub

tectonic profile image

tectonic 5 years ago from Singapore

Great write-up you’ve got. Will subscribe to your hubs : )

NinStarRune 5 years ago

Cool story bro

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