Garden Hammocks - Some Buying Tips

There are many different types of garden hammocks to purchase and also many parts and accessories. To make sure you buy the very finest hammock for your wishes as far as size, intended use, comfort and the fabric are concerned you should do some research and planning. For open-air use you should be careful that the one you acquire will be made of the right materials to last when left out-of-doors for any length of time.

Hammock Lengths

While the bed length is rather standard widths differ a great deal. Bed length refers to the length of the actual hammock cloth and is not the inclusive length. You should find out how much space you have where you intend to suspend the hammock to be confident to acquire the correct size. Overall length of most hammocks, together with the supports and/or frame is approximately 13 feet so consider this when planning where you will hang it.

Hammock on Caribbean beach by Micky
Hammock on Caribbean beach by Micky

Hammock Weight Capacity

You also should look at the weight of the people who may be using the hammock. A usual highest capacity is around 450 pounds, sufficient for nearly all people. A few bigger hammocks even go up to approximately 600 pounds. For double hammocks to contain two people especially take note of the maximum weight capability.

hannah in the hammock on Easter
hannah in the hammock on Easter

Hammock Materials

Hammocks are made in two main materials. Fabrics include cotton, polyester or canvas, and ropes could be cotton or polyester. One of the most plush and comfortable is a quilted hammock which is usually made from cotton or cotton/polyester mixture. For sleeping, most people prefer a textile hammock as it will be more comfortable than the classic rope hammock.

Traditional rope hammocks have been in use for many, many thousands of years and are probably what nearly all people think of when they hear the word ‘hammock’. Rope hammocks are certainly not as comfortable as material hammocks and require some added padding if you would like to use them for any length of time! If the hammock will be kept outside for lengthy periods you should buy a polyester fabric or rope which will stand up to the elements better. Even though cotton is more comfy it will not survive as long if left outdoors for a few months.

Hammock Types

Hammocks come in a broad variety of types including portable, rope, swing, baby and chair hammocks . If you have limited space a chair hammock could be a good buy. They are especially popular with teenagers in their bedroooms! To take with you on camping trips or even to move around the garden to stay in the sun (or out of it in the shade!) you could buy either a portable hammock complete with it's own stand or a regular hammock and a separate hammock stand.

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Hammock chairs are great if you have linited space. Sit back and enjoy nature with this Polynesian hammock chair. Made of a strong, breathable cotton/canvas fabric, this is the ultimate in outdoor comfort. No assembly is required, and setting up the hammock chair is a breeze! Included is all the hardware needed to hang your chair and have it ready to enjoy in no time. The solid wood detachable spreader opens up to 42" wide and is decorated with beaded fringes on both sides. Hammock Chair Features: -Made of strong, breathable cotton/canvas fabric. -Easy to hang with included S hooks & foot long chains. -Solid wood detachable spreader opens to 42" wide. -Decorated with beaded fringes on both ends of spreader. -Chair weight capacity: 220 lbs.

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