Gavaskar is trying to create misunderstanding between Dhoni and Sehwag in Indian cricket team

Gavaskar is trying to create misunderstanding in Indian cricket team

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Gavaskar is trying to create misunderstanding in Indian cricket team

Gavaskar accuses Sehwag of non-cooperation to Dhoni
Gavaskar accuses Sehwag of non-cooperation to Dhoni | Source

Gavaskar is trying to create misunderstanding in Indian cricket team

Gavaskar’s comments

New Year 2012 has dawned and after a lovely party in a good hotel, I took the newspaper and read the sports column first. An observation by India’s former captain Sunil Gavaskar attracted my attention. Gavaskar was commenting about the recent Melbourne Test between Australia and India in which India lost by 122 runs. Gavaskar stated that India’s chances to win the series have probably evaporated with the defeat in the first test.

A team, after losing the first match, can come up

One can counter this argument by citing various examples in the past. When Clive Lloyd’s West Indies team visited India in 1974-75, India lost the first two tests in Bangalore and Delhi. But India came back under the captaincy of Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi to win the next two tests at Calcutta (now Kolkata) and Madras (now Chennai) to square the series. But India lost the final test at Bombay to lose the series. India would not have lost this final test had it not been extended to six days of play. Again when India under the captaincy of Bishen Singh Bedi visited Australia in 1978, Australia under the captaincy of Bobby Simpson won the first two tests at Brisbane and Perth. But India won the next two tests at Melbourne and Sydney to square the series. India lost the final test at Adelaide to lose the series.

Gavaskar is probably correct and cannot be faulted for this statement

From the above examples, all is not lost for India. India can still come back into the Test series and square it. If it can square it why can’t it win it too? Therefore Gavaskar’s statement may be correct by probability theory, but probability theory can be proved wrong at occasions. But for saying this statement, one cannot seriously find fault and criticize Gavaskar.

Most objectionable statement

But another statement that Gavaskar gave was very objectionable. Gavaskar stated that the vice captain of the Indian side is not giving his cooperation to the captain M S Dhoni. Though Gavaskar did not name the vice captain, even a child knows that Virender Sehwag is India’s Vice Captain. What Gavaskar was accusing was that Sehwag is not giving his cooperation to Dhoni. This is a very ridiculous statement from Gavaskar. Everybody knows that Sehwag and Dhoni are best friends and have no misunderstanding between them. The Indian team is very much united under Dhoni. One can accuse Sehwag of throwing away his wicket at a crucial time when India needed runs from him. But for this reason one cannot accuse Sehwag of non-cooperation to the captain.

Gavaskar extended non-cooperation to captain Venkatraghavan in 1975

If for throwing away one’s wicket one can be accused of non-cooperation, why has Gavaskar not accused other members of the Indian team like Gambhir, Virat Kohli, Laxman and others for ‘non-cooperation’? During the days when Gavaskar played for India, he practiced this non-cooperation to the maximum extent. During the first ever cricket world cup held in England in 1975, Gavaskar disobeyed his captain Venkatraghavan and batted deliberately slowly. England scored in the 60 overs more than 300 runs. Indian captain Venkatraghavan instructed Gavaskar, the opening batsman to score runs fast. But Gavaskar deliberately played out all the sixty overs and was not out with a mere 36.

Gavaskar dropped Kapil Dev for sadistic pleasure

Gavaskar disobeyed Venkatraghavan because he was a South Indian. Gavaskar hated all South Indians (with the exception of his brother-in-law Gundappa Viswanath). Gavaskar also hated the Delhi players. He played politics when he dropped India’s star all rounder Kapil Dev in the Calcutta Test match just to prevent Kapil Dev from achieving the feat of hundred tests continuously. Gavaskar was holding this record and wanted to prevent Kapil Dev from achieving this. His wish was fulfilled. Gavaskar used his captaincy and influence with the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) to drop Kapil Dev. The Calcutta crowd threw chapels at Gavaskar with anger when he was returning to the pavilion.

Gavaskar disliked Delhi players and hated South Indians

If you know this background of Gavaskar, you can understand the motive behind this comment against Sehwag. Gavaskar is perturbed that Delhi players like Sehwag, Dhoni (Jharkhand comes under the Northern Zone), Gambir, Kohli, Ishant Sharma and Umesh Yadav are dominating the Indian team. Only Sachin Tendulkar comes from Mumbai. During Gavaskar’s playing days, many Bombay players used to dominate the Indian cricket. The trend has reversed now. A stage may come in which Indian team does not have a single Mumbai player. Gavaskar wants to play politics in the present Indian team by dividing the players and creating a misunderstanding among them.

Ballack played politics and damaged German team’s unity

Dhoni and Sehwag should not allow this to happen. They should understand the true motive of Gavaskar to create a rift between the Captain and Vice Captain. In fact, allowing Gavaskar to meet all the players freely itself is dangerous to Indian team. I remember quite well the former German football team captain Michael Ballack visiting South Africa and meeting the German players at a crucial stage of the 2010 World Cup Football tournament. Ballack could not play in the world cup in South Africa because of an injury. Phillip Lahm was captaining Germany. Till Ballack’s visit, German team exhibited marvellous unity. But after Ballack’s visit, politics was played and disunity set in. Germany lost a crucial semi final match against Spain. Before that Germany was expected to win the World Cup.

Gavaskar should be prevented from meeting the players

One can understand the ill effects that will set in if a person like Ballack or Gavaskar plays politics among the team members. The Spanish coach Vincent Del Bosque prevented any outsider – even former players or family members – from meeting his players after the match in the hotel room. He saw to it that the players’ morale was kept high during the entire World Cup Football tournament. The Indian coach Duncan Fletcher should exercise control and prevent all outsiders including Gavaskar from meeting the players. If this is not done and if Gavaskar is allowed freely to meet the players, then misunderstandings will develop among the players and India will lose all the four test matches in Australia as it did against England in last summer in England.

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