Gayle’s Sixes Injures 11 Year Old Girl

Gayle Is a Powerful Hitter

Gayle Is a Powerful Hitter
Gayle Is a Powerful Hitter | Source

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Momentum Is Responsible For Injuries

Gayle Is a Powerful Hitter

Chris Gayle is a towering personality. When it comes to body strength and size, no other player in the current IPL cricket tournament can beat him. Gayle hits the ball with tremendous force and times the ball well. Most of his hits clear the boundary line. Gayle is playing for Royal Challengers Bangalore in the current Indian Premier League tournament. Gayle is also playing for Bangladesh Premier League (BPL).

The Girl Could Have Even Died

One of the five continuous sixes hit by Gayle in a cricket match landed on the stands and hit the nose of an eleven years old girl who was watching the match with her father. The girl had to be taken to a hospital and done a surgery to arrest the bleeding nose. Had the ball hit the girl on her skull, she could have even died on the spot. Had the bat hit the girl’s eyes, she might have lost her eyesight. Gayle was apologetic about it and even visited the hospital and handed over the entire presentation money of Rs.2 lakhs to the girl who was moved by his gesture. Actually it was not Gayle’s fault and the incident should be treated as an accident.

Makeshift Hospital A Must In a Cricket Stadium

But the cricket authorities should ponder how to prevent these kinds of incidents in future. The barricade could be raised to full height to prevent the ball landing on the stands but it could obstruct the audience and will be viewed as a nuisance. Therefore this is not the right solution. The authorities can have a makeshift hospital inside the stadium and post few doctors there with surgery equipments to deal with an emergency of this nature. That could be a right solution for this problem.

Nari Contractor Almost Died

Cricket balls have hit and caused injuries to the players. Nari Contractor, captain of India, almost died when he was hit on his skull by a rising bouncer bowled by Gilchrist in the Caribbean Islands in 1960. Even though Contractor was saved, his cricket career was over and the young 21 years old Nawab of Pataudi Junior became the captain of India – the youngest to become the captain for any team in the world. Australian pace bowlers Thomson and Lillee deliberately bowled and injured many batsmen with their terrific speeds in those days when helmets were not in use.

A Bicycle Can Injure and a Bus Can Cause No Damage

Can a cricket ball kill or injure the audience? The injury caused by an object does not depend on its mass or velocity but purely on the momentum it generates. What is momentum? Physics defines momentum as the product of mass and velocity. Mass alone is not responsible for the injury. For example a bus can hit a person and cause no damage if it is travelling slowly and about to come to a stop. This is because while coming to a stop, the bus loses its momentum. On the other hand a speeding bicycle can cause heavy injury to a person even though the mass of the bicycle is much less than the mass of the bus. This is because while acquiring speed, the bicycle acquires tremendous momentum and can cause damage.

Momentum Is Responsible For Injuries

Velocity (speed) alone is not responsible for the injury. A small paper weight will not cause any damage if it falls on a person’s legs. But the same paper weight, if it falls from a great height, can cause fracture to the leg. This is because while falling from a great height, the object gains momentum and can inflict harm. Another example to show that speed alone cannot cause any harm is to compare tennis ball with cricket ball. Even though tennis balls are served at greater speeds (the fastest service was made by Rascoe Tanner of USA in the 1979 Wimbledon final when he served at a speed of nearly 160 miles per hour) compared to cricket balls (the fastest speed recorded by a cricket ball was the one bowled by Jeff Thomson of Australia in Perth Test of 1975-76 against West Indies when he bowled at a speed of 100 miles per hour), tennis balls do not cause any harm to the players. This is because even though tennis balls acquire great speed, their momentum is less because of their lesser mass compared to cricket balls.

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