Gertrude Road riding stables in West Bridgford, Nottingham

Gertrude Road stables are a small family-run outfit in the Lady Bay area of West Bridgford, Nottingham, England.

There are four horses and several ponies at the stables which cater for the complete beginner to the novice or intermediate rider.

The stables are set in a small concrete yards among the Georgian town houses that are in the area. This makes for an interesting spectacle at first as most stables are based in the countryside . However, although there is no turn outfield, the stables are also just a five-minute walk to the sprawling fields next to the banks of the River Trent. This makes for excellent hacks walking next to the river while enjoying the wide-open fields. There is ample opportunity to trot and canter in this space and a small circle has been mowed into one field for very-new riders to use on a lead reign.

The stables are not open during the week and the animals are kept elsewhere. They are then driven in at the weekend. This usually means that they are fresh for the day's work.

Prices at Gertrude Road are much cheaper than other riding schools. There is a flat-rate of £10 per hour for anybody who rides. New riders are also required to fill out the usual insurance forms.

The stables are relatively informal and riders are usually allowed to hack out alone if they feel that they are confident enough. The owners are friendly and the youngsters who help at the stables are also fairly efficient.

Gertrude Road Stables are well worth visiting to take advantage of the views of the Trent on on a crisp morning.

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nettie 4 years ago

it looks good can't wait to go :)

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